27 Babies Saved: Power in the Presence of Clergy

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By Dan Miller, Pro-Life Wisconsin State Director, and September Schubilske, Milwaukee 40 Days for Life Coordinator

It started with a small, candlelight vigil at the abortion center with Bishop Jeffrey Haines on February 17, 2020. It was cold and rainy. I was honored to hold an umbrella for Bishop Haines. On February 26, Ash Wednesday, Archbishop Jerome Listecki joined us in prayer. Clergy came to pray with us through all the days of this campaign.

We know your prayers are powerful because we witness the fruit time and time again. There is power in the presence of priests, deacons and seminarians—all clergy. You represent hope and healing. People seek you out. It makes the women and men think again about what they are doing.

When the clergy shows up, babies are saved from abortion. There is something to be said for “the power of the Roman collar.” And as advocates for life, it was an added bonus for us to receive your blessing praying beside you. 

Because you took the time, with this huge spiritual storm (COVID-19) on the horizon, 19 babies were saved at the vigil location on Farwell, 7 babies were saved at Planned Parenthood Milwaukee, and 1 baby was saved at Planned Parenthood Waukesha. I believe that the babies who weren’t as blessed as those 27 will be there to greet you in heaven someday. God bless you for standing up for the unborn and thank you for your “yes” to your vocation! 

We pray for you every day!