Bonnie Lee, conservative candidate for the 14th Assembly District endorsed by Wisconsin Right to Life

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By Eric Olsen of Brookfield, WI

Wisconsin Right to Life has given their endorsement in the 14th Assembly District to conservative outsider Bonnie Lee. Lee is a mother of two children, a Christian and her husband Matt is an OBGYN, who has delivered over thousands of babies. Lee’s moral foundation, life experiences, and conservative values make her the right person to go to Madison and fight for the life of the unborn.

Lee’s strong pro-life values stand in stark contrast to far-left, pro-abortion, and the current 14th District Assemblyperson, Robyn Vining. Vining voted against pro-life legislation that would mandate abortion providers that any baby that survives an abortion is giving care for and immediately taken to the hospital. This legislation is most commonly known as the born-alive legislation. Current law is ambiguous on what abortion providers are required to do if a baby survives an abortion.

Late-term abortion is opposed, overwhelming, by Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. Vining’s vote on this legislation makes her too extreme for the people of the 14th Assembly District which covers parts of Wauwatosa and Brookfield.

The infanticide legislation aroused out of a national movement by a pro-abortion Virginia Democratic lawmaker and the Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam, who endorsed infanticide in a radio interview. 

Gov. Evers vetoed the born-alive legislation. The Assembly Republicans did not have enough votes to override Gov. Evers veto. Bonnie Lee will be needed in the Assembly to help Republicans override Evers veto.

Lee will go to Madison and being a voice for the voiceless. Her work in the ministry at Northwest Baptist Church in Wauwatosa and her work with her non-profit tells me that she not only has given voice to life but has the life experience at fighting for life, and ensuring all people live up to their God-given potential.

If Bonnie Lee goes to Madison she will be a key ally for the pro-life movement and will vote to protect the life of from conception to natural death.

Prior to Robyn Vining, the seat was held by a pro-life representative and now Senator, Dale Kooyenga. Sen. Kooyenga is a friend of Bonnie Lee and has endorsed her.

For more on Bonnie Lee visit her website at or on Facebook at

Eric Olsen is a resident of the 14th Assembly District