A suggestion to the Ukraine UN Mission

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Dear Mr. Kyslytsya:

I watched your reading of the emails between a Russian soldier and his mother and the verbal confrontation with the Russian representative.  You did an excellent job of representing your country and people, sir.

Please, allow me to suggest an idea which might help Ukraine.

As I understand it, the UN Charter grants a permanent seat on the UN Security Council to China, France, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The Soviet Union no longer exists.  Russia acquired that seat.  But Russia has proven that it is not interested in pursuing the core purpose of the UN which is promoting peace.  Why can’t the UN vote to remove Russia from that seat and install Ukraine to that position?  Ukraine was the second most populated area of the old Soviet Union and Ukraine has demonstrated its willingness to pursue peace in accordance with UN purposes and goals.  Ukraine should replace Russia on the Security Council seat which was held by the Soviet Union.

There is a precedent for the removal of one country from the Security Council and installation of another.  When the UN voted to remove Nationalist China and install communist China to the security council, Nationalist China was not allowed to block that vote with a veto.  So, there is precedent for the UN not to allow a member of the Security Council to veto a vote on that country’s removal from the Security Council.  Could this be a strategy that would help Ukraine and further embarrass Putin and his supporters?

You, your mission staff, your country, and your people have my best wishes.

Woodrow Wilcox