After winning write-in battle, Deanna Alexander has words for Milwaukee County Republican Chair, David Karst,

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A few days ago, I wrote an article in Wisconsin Right Now calling out long time Milwaukee County Republican Party Chairman David Karst for his failing to do enough to support conservative candidates throughout the county.

On election night, Conservatives throughout the state had great success, but in Milwaukee County, it was quite the opposite, as many Conservatives lost many close races that could have been won if there had been party support. A lot of this dismal showing on election night can directly be attributed to the extreme lack of leadership by Davit Karst and his merry band of apologists.

One of those races was the write-in campaign by Deanna Alexander for the open County Supervisor seat where the incumbent failed to qualify for the ballot.

As of writing this, it is clear that Deanna managed to pull off a victory, though not official. A victory even though this proven and tested Conservative received ZERO support from the Milwaukee County Republicans. Not even an email was sent out on her behalf during the two and a half weeks of her campaign.

People only heard of the campaign through her own hard work, from local talk show hosts, and an article written by me. 

While Deanna pulled off a victory, she was left with many thoughts and questions. Here is a letter she wrote to Mr Karst, which as of this article, has not received a much deserved reply.

Here is her letter:

Dear David, 

While the Milwaukee County Clerk’s office has still not released official results of the election for Milwaukee County Supervisory District 18, I was pleased to see that they have begun the onboarding process to acknowledge that I won the race and will be returning to County Government. 

As you likely know, I came into County Government as a bit of a maverick conservative, winning a pretty liberal majority-minority district first in 2012, again in 2016, and again in 2018.  In 2020 I did not seek re-election, and now in 2022, have been re-elected in a full write-in campaign.  I am proud and grateful to say that I have won every election I have ever ran, including those I have operated as campaign manager for other candidates.  I am grateful to the GOP for previously inviting me into the group and helping with my campaigns in various ways in some of those previous years.  As you also know, I needed to take a hiatus from some partisan activities for professional reasons the last couple of years.  

In this 2022 election, I ran against an incumbent.  He had the full support of the Dem Party of Wisconsin behind him.  They did live phone banking, they sent multiple professionally designed mailers, they inundated the district with social media advertising, and fully endorsed him with these contributions and he campaigned for four months with this support.  In this newly redrawn district that is far more of a majority-minority district (18% white / 62% black / 11% asian) than it ever was in the past, not to mention far more leftist than ever before, I designed and executed a grass-roots campaign, no longer being the incumbent, receiving what appears to be no party support, launching a meager three weeks before election day, and knocked it out of the ball park with a remarkable win of nearly 60% of votes compared to the incumbent!  The incumbent had previously sold himself to the GOP as a conservative and his past campaign finance reports show he received GOP support, but he turned after being elected and was fully in bed with the DEM party.  It was time for me to clean house in my district.  While this success is one for the textbooks, I can’t help but feel that I was abandoned by the MKE GOP in this race.  

I love the new website design of, and note that the messaging is a robust, “Help us expand our rapidly growing conservative movement to flip Milwaukee Red!”  However, the emails that I and others received from the MKEGOP under your leadership in the weeks leading up to the election included some interesting content that didn’t necessarily jive with that mission.  Your own plans to run for the state assembly in a future election were promoted (a sure distraction from the looming election Milwaukee faced), and an endorsement of Steve F. Taylor (who had no opponent, but is known to be two-faced with the GOP and conservative values, and has been vehemently aggressive to Patti Logsdon, the last remaining conservative on the County Board until this week, and is a known narcissist to such a level that prospects potential liability on those who associate with him), was promoted.  

As someone with numerous conservative credentials and a verifiable track record of party engagement, conservative talk radio support, being an invited speaker with CPAC, the known ability to win as the conservative underdog in leftist Milwaukee, and so forth, I would have hoped the MKE GOP might have reached out to discuss my efforts to flip a County Board seat back to conservative; or at the very least, that the MKE GOP would have provided minimal back-end support of recommended me as the preferred candidate in the Write-in race.  It’s not as if there was another conservative choice that the MKE GOP had to labor over deciding against – it wasn’t a partisan primary necessitating that the MKE GOP imitate the neutrality of Switzerland.

With 19 municipalities holding many, many local elections across the county, I was puzzled to also NOT see a robust MKE GOP voter guide providing voters with guidance on the better candidate for the multitude of school board and municipal races on the ballots across the county. What the MKE GOP chose to become involved in and publicly discuss was just scraping the surface of opportunities available.  The MKE GOP’s efforts seem to have completely ignored that I was the only conservative running in an 8-way registered write-in race.  Comparatively, the Washington County GOP published advice on many candidates, seemingly doing well in strides toward their mission: 

With all of that said, conservative values CAN reach a true revival and continue to flourish in Wisconsin and our beloved Milwaukee, with the right fertilizer and attention, and I know there are many grass-roots activists doing their parts to row for the party.  This leaves me to wonder what is going on with leadership.  Could you please share with me the following? 

  • In addition to yourself, who holds the essential positions guiding the helm of the MKE GOP at this time and when do those terms expire? 
  • What was the process for selecting candidates to support in the meager voter guide published by the MKE GOP?
  • Given the level to which the local media reported on my race, and the public listing of candidates, there was no way for the MKE GOP to not be aware of the situation.  Who was responsible for the decision to not endorse / not recommend / or not be involved in my County Board race and why was that decision made? 
  • What specifically did you and other close leadership of the MKE GOP do to support candidates in this spring election?   And how does this completed plan correspond to your intentions for the fall midterms? 

Thank you in advance for your reply, 

Deanna Alexander

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