Biden’s Bad Policies

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Biden and the Democrats in Congress voted to overspend billions of dollars.  That is what caused inflation.  More money pursuing the same volume of goods and services always does.

But then, Biden wants to fight inflation by increasing interest charged by the Federal Reserve.  That never hurts the rich.  Big companies can borrow money easily.  It is small farmers, small business owners, and people who work for small businesses who are hurt most by increases in interest rates.  Most American workers work at small businesses.  Many might be laid off because of the financial pressure that Joe Biden and Democrats put on small businesses and their owners.

Joe Biden and the Democrats in Congress DO NOT CARE ABOUT WORKING AMERICANS.  They are not Democrats like the ones my grandparents supported.  They are something entirely different.  I don’t trust them or like them.

I used to be an elected Democratic Party precinct committeeman.  I’m not now.

Woodrow Wilcox
Dyer, Indiana