Black Lives Matter To Dominate Learning At MPS Next Week

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Jan. 30, 2020 | MacIver News Service

By Bill Osmulski

Next week is the “Black Lives Matter at School National Week of Action,” and Milwaukee Public Schools and its teachers’ union are all in. 

MPS will be hosting Black Lives Matter (BLM) events all week long, and the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association (MTEA)“strongly encourages all members to get involved.”  

“Our goal is for all children to feel valued and their voices to be heard,” Dr. Keith Posley, MPS Superintendent explained in a video MPS produced for the week of action. “Saying Black Lives Matter levels the playing field. Saying Black Lives Matters isn’t saying others don’t.” 

MTEA’s website provides lesson plans and other resources for teachers to use throughout the week, which provides insight into what the week is really all about: advancing a radical liberal agenda. 

A middle school or high school teacher following MTEA’s recommended lesson plan will focus on “Restorative Justice” on Monday. The focus on Tuesday is on “Diversity and Globalism.” Wednesday is dedicated to “Queer Affirming, Transgender Affirming, and Collective Value.” Thursday is spent on “Intergenerational, Black Families, and Black Villages.” The lesson plan wraps up on Friday with a focus on “Black Women and Unapologetically Black.”

For those teaching 3-year-old pre-kindergarten, MTEA recommends reading books to the class that reinforce transgender lessons like “My Princess Boy,” “Julian is a Mermaid,” and “I am Jazz.”  There’s also a Black Lives Matter coloring and activity book.

For third graders and up, teachers can “have children create protest signs for an issue that they want to stand up for or fight against. Stage a hallway protest, gym rally or go out into the neighborhood for a youth march.”

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