Bob Donovan is Milwaukee’s Giuliani Moment

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Challenges for Milwaukee

Tom Barrett was a very poor Mayor. He cut and defunded the police, failed to make pension payments, allowed roads to go to hell. He failed to realize, as Mayor Norquist did, that unless Milwaukee has good schools it will always be 2nd class city.

Crime is up 40%, just this year alone and it’s getting worse. Milwaukee had 12,000 stolen cars last year, car jackings are increasing, human trafficking raging, shootings are the norm, historic homicide deaths and it’s getting worse. To make matters worse the Democrat DA, John Chisholm, lets the thugs out of jail and they kill people like Darrell Brooks did Waukesha parade or the recent off-duty officer involved shooting in Milwaukee’s Third Ward.

Shoplifting and drug use are way up because the left, headed up by Barrett and others, excuse illegal drug use. The Soros DA’s do not enforce the law or even attempt to charge harden criminals and we can see the results of their poor decisions. Drug overdose deaths up from 100 to this year over 2,000-mostly young women.  Who wants to go to morgue to ID their kids?

Gas prices are up because of the Dems/Biden. Natural gas prices up. Inflation is killing food budgets. Immigration flooding jobs. The numbers of jobs are down since the left took over the Governor’s office. Evers a Democrat is backed by Barrett.

Barrett, the left, the Milwaukee Journal chased away Foxconn our biggest hope to become the Midwest tech center. We are failing our kids by not having schools open. We have a big gap in learning and are kids cannot read.

Bob Donovan is our one chance to reverse course. Nobody else in this Mayoral race has what it takes or will take on these problems. This is our Giuliani moment!

Bob Dohnal, Publisher
Wisconsin Conservative Digest
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Wauwatosa, Wi. 53226-3407