Cancel Culture Arrives in the Lt. Governor Race by Cindy Werner

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By: Cindy Werner, Republican Candidate for Lt. Governor of Wisconsin (The Wisconsin Conservative Digest publishes content for candidates, however, we do not endorse any candidates or advocate for them. This is solely their opinion and in their own words. 

A supporter recently sent me a document detailing an anonymous complaint filed against the Thomas More Society, which cites my name as having been the benefactor of their efforts in suing the five cities in Wisconsin that took Zuckerberg money to run their elections. This “Anonymous” individual complaint is against the Thomas More Society but still tries to tie me into a claim that I violated campaign finance laws because I am a plaintiff in the lawsuit.

The charge is false! I address the complaint here in a Facebook Video.

The lawsuit refers to—which I have openly discussed and am proud to be a part of—was filed in 2021, which I joined before becoming a candidate for Lt. Governor. My name is listed in the lawsuit, but it does not say “Candidate Cindy Werner for Lt. Governor.” As the complaint even notes, it was filed under the name “Mrs. Cynthia M. Werner of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.” The complaint also lists dollar amounts supposedly contributed to my campaign as “unknown dollar amounts,” meaning whoever filed it is making assumptions of wrongdoing they cannot back up. The Thomas More Society has provided personal legal assistance in my lawsuit filed as a private citizen and nothing else.

When did it become wrong to use the correct processes to fight against unjust voter fraud? Our Justice system is designed for holding those who violate laws accountable. As a citizen, I saw it as my duty to push back against cities that violated federal and state election laws. Every American should celebrate our ability to do this.

Whoever filed the complaint knew they had no ground to stand on because it was filed anonymously. The author of the complaint demonstrates their lack of accountability and instead displays their cowardice. They cite that they fear reprisal. From what? Perhaps a defamation or slander lawsuit if they are ever revealed!

This “anonymous” complaint aims not to bring true justice, as I am attempting to do by joining the election lawsuit but creating suspicion around a candidate making a difference and questioning the establishment on its policies. Additionally, this DEMOCRAT-like tactic is meant to try and cause me to end my campaign or at least leave the lawsuit. Additionally, it is intended to cause supporters to run away from our campaign by making empty and false accusations of campaign finance law violation.

I refuse to allow my campaign to fade in the shadows, nor will I sit in a corner and be quiet! Let me be clear our campaign has received NO material support from Thomas More Society, nor have WE and this Campaign committed ANY Campaign Finance Law Violation. Additionally, when it is revealed who is spreading these lies, we will sue and bring civil litigation for DEFAMATION and SLANDER.

All the folks working on this campaign are supporters and volunteers who believe in my message. They’re passionately pro-life, pro-2A, want safe and secure cities, and believe in standing against threats to our freedom. I continue fighting every step of the way. I supported Re-Open Wisconsin. I spoke at the State Capital for Election Integrity. I proactively filed a lawsuit against those violating election law. I’m not afraid to stand up for the issues you care about and be a bold voice defending our Liberties from God, not a government. Those with established connections and power might not like it, but I am not giving up.

I WILL NOT BE BULLIED, INTIMIDATED, OR CANCELED for I am Cindy Werner, a mom, grandma, Christian, Constitutional conservative, military Army veteran. I have stood in line with health care and federal correction workers fighting to end mandates, supported parents at school board meetings because our children belong to us, not the government with a focus on universal school choice (money follows the student). I have been in our battle for over thirty years supporting our conservative values, my life has always been about service and commitment to God, country, and community, and TODAY I need your help in this battle! Visit my website, join our team, and donate any amount

With today’s canceled culture knocking at my door, I need your help.

Cindy Werner, Candidate for Wisconsin Lt. Governor