Cindy Werner: I will not sign the GOP Convention Endorsement Pledge

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Cindy Werner is a candidate for the office of Lieutenant Governor. Werner wrote this post, below, in the Women for Trump Facebook group. The post can be viewed here

The Republican Party of Wisconsin is asking all candidates (statewide and federal) to support an endorsement convention by signing a pledge. This pledge indicates that you will not continue your campaigning into the primary if you are not the endorsed candidate. Additionally, if you do not sign this pledge, you will not be given any opportunities to speak at county events, place campaign material at county offices, or have access to potential delegates. Presently, six candidates are running for Lt. Governor, and the endorsement process requires that one candidate wins 60% at the convention to win the endorsement. On May 20-22, 2022, in Middleton, WI the endorsement convention will be held.

In listening to the voices of the voters, I cannot sign an endorsement pledge. Especially since fresh off the November 2020 election, a large percentage of Wisconsin Grassroots Voters feel that the election suppressed many citizens’ votes. Which made them feel that their candidate choice was not recognized, and their voices were canceled!

For decades and during the 2020 election I worked as a Republican poll worker. In 2020 I worked Central Count in Milwaukee. I and a number of other Republicans working at Central Count witnessed the effect of the Zuckerberg Investment of 500 million dollars across Wisconsin’s five largest Democrat strongholds. This takeover of our election violated our election laws both state and federal and was one of the many reasons why I became a part of a lawsuit against the Wisconsin Five (Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Kenosha, and Racine). In my humble opinion, these monies were illegally accepted from Zuckerberg. I am the only candidate for Lt. Governor that serves on an Ad-hoc committee with Representatives Brantjen and Ramthun to fight election fraud. In the race for Lt. Governor, I AM THE ONLY CANDIDATE that is standing up and fighting against these violations of our elections.

I understand why the Republican party is seeking to have an endorsement convention, I just cannot sign a pledge which does not allow for Wisconsin voters’ voices to be held through their vote in a primary. I have been and will continue to be a LOUD Voice fighting against the process of “Selection vs. Election of candidates.” As I traveled across the state speaking out against CRT, election fraud and focused on moving Wisconsin forward, overwhelmingly, Wisconsinites want their voice to be heard and their vote to be counted.

In my travels across the state, I have had many voters ask me, “what if you get the endorsement at the convention”? My response I would be thankful for the endorsement, but all voices still need to be heard. I will continue being a strong voice throughout the Republican primary and I will not run as an independent. Wisconsinites will come to know that I am the person they can count on, fighting to earn every vote and most of all listening to WE THE PEOPLE!

Join us in our conservative grassroots efforts to Win Wisconsin back With Werner. I am Cindy Werner, asking for your vote and I will fight to end same-day registration and voting