Conservative UW-Professor and Attorney is running to be Wisconsin’s Top Cop

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In 2022 all statewide offices, and a U.S. Senate race, will be on the ballot. One of those offices is the election for Attorney General, which is currently held by Josh Kaul.

Ryan Owens, a Republican, is officially announcing his candidacy for Attorney General at the Jefferson Street Inn in Wausau at noon, today. Owens is a central Wisconsin native, conservative constitutional law attorney, and professor at UW-Madison. He teaches law and political science and runs the Tommy Thompson Center at UW-Madison.

The announcement, today, will kick off a five day blitz across the state where he’ll be in over twelve cities/villages, with more than eighteen stops.

Josh Kaul has abandoned defending our election laws, sidelined law enforcement and has allowed Antifa and other militant groups to burn down our cities and communities. He does not have the support of law enforcement and has refused to work with them on defending the rule of law and establishing law and order.

As motivation for him to run, Owens highlights Kaul’s failure to respond to the riots and the tearing down of the statue of abolitionist Hans-Cristian Heg.

Owens has traveled the state speaking at Republican events, caucuses, and Lincoln/Reagan dinners highlighting Kaul’s abandonment of law enforcement and his failure to enforce law and order as the state’s top cop. At these events he has highlighted that Wisconsin has a leadership deficit which has turned to a “freedom, safety, and prosperity deficit.” He lays the blame directly at Kaul’s doorstep.

The job of the AG is to enforce the law and Kaul has been absent. Political correctness and him being scared to stand up to groups who supported his campaign has left our streets and neighborhoods in disarray. The crime is not spreading to the suburbs, it is in the suburbs as we seen in the affluent suburb, Wauwatosa, during the summer.

Free speech and cancel culture is another issue Owens has highlighted when speaking across the state. As a professor at the ultra-liberal UW-Madison, he has mention of his concerns regarding the left’s attacks on canceling conservatives on campus and in public life.

His campaign has received some prominent endorsements. He has been endorsed by three former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices: Daniel Kelly, Michael Gableman, and David Prosser. He’s also received the endorsement of former Lt. Governor Margaret Farrow and Paul Clement, who was the 43rd Solicitor General of the United States under President George W. Bush.

Eric Toney, the District Attorney of Fond du lac County, is also running as a Republican for Attorney General. Toney will highlight his experience as a prosecutor enforcing the law and working with law enforcement.

The primary election is in August 2022.

Whoever is the Republican nominee for Attorney General, the Democrats will have boat full of cash and will use law enforcement as a wedge issue to divide Wisconsinites among race and class. Both Owens and Toney should be prepared for the onslaught of fake news when they receive the nomination.

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