Conservatives, It’s Time To Get Off Your Butts And Pick-up Your Pens!

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Conservatives, it’s time to get off your butts and start communicating your opinions to the people who hold political office.

I write via e-mail very frequently to Federal and Wisconsin legislators, Senate Minority Leader McConnell, the person currently hiding in the oval office, and Wisconsin’s mediocre Governor, offering my opinions on legislation I favor or am against and on other issues I believe are important to conservatives.

My letters are also forwarded to conservative friends and colleagues, in order to make it easy for them to copy-and-paste so they can easily join in communicating their shared  opinions about these same concerns to their elected representatives.

When asked if they read my letters, many of these friends and colleagues offer comments such as “I love your letters”, “your opinions are right on the money”, and “I totally agree with what you wrote”.

However, when I ask if they emailed the same or similar letter to legislators, too often I receive a tenuous response of “I don’t have time”, or more often “what’s the use, the politicians won’t read them” and “there’s no point, the politicians don’t care what voters think”.

That’s simply not true.  Politicians do pay attention to voter letters.

How do I know?  Because the opinions I’ve communicated to Wisconsin legislators have generated responses including acknowledgment; questions asked of me; written explanations of their positions on an issue or legislation; phone calls to me by the legislator to talk about the issue; and even an invitation, which I accepted, to testify before a Wisconsin legislative committee on a bill.  And letters I’ve written to Federal legislators receive responses, admittedly from aides, offering the legislator’s opinions about the bills my letters addressed.

The issues that Conservatives view as important and talk about every day are under constant legislative attack by the left.  Just peruse the list of bills introduced every day in Congress and Wisconsin’s Legislature and you’ll see a continuous stream of legislation from the left against the 2nd Amendment, abortion restrictions, illegal immigration control, and voting integrity laws, as well as an endless litany of bills from the left favoring apologetic foreign policy, destruction of U.S. energy independence, defunding law enforcement, releasing criminals from prison, expunging drug convictions, and increasing excessive Federal spending and debt, and so much more.

These legislative attacks by the left should not be ignored nor go unanswered, yet they too often are.

Just talking about important Conservative issues is not enough.  Conservatives, ALL CONSERVATIVES, need to voice their opinions (email, letter, phone call) to the Legislators who make the laws, not only to Conservative legislators but also to those on the left.

Legislators need to hear from you so they know what’s important to Conservatives.

If a conservative Legislator is debating about how to vote on a bill that can go either way, emails received from Conservative constituents may be what influences their vote in favor of the Conservative position.

If a RINO is twisting in the wind and considering voting with the left on a bill, letters from Conservatives may be what prevents them from voting against the wishes of their Conservative voters.

If a Democrat with a tenuous hold on their office is thinking of rubber-stamping a liberal bill, phone calls from Conservatives may be what makes them think twice on how they will vote.

But none of that will ever happen if those Legislators never receive emails, letters or phone calls from Conservative voters residing in their legislative districts, because of apathy among Conservatives, because Conservatives count on “somebody taking care of it”.

Emails, letters and phone calls to Legislators offering Conservative’s opinions on legislation can and do make a difference.  All it takes is your investment of a few minutes and some keyboard strokes to write your opinion about a legislative bill which you feel strongly about and click send to your Legislators.

On the other hand, apathy by Conservative voters is all it takes for a Legislator to vote in favor of liberal left legislation that sets back Conservative causes.

So pick-up your figurative pens, Conservatives, and start letting your Legislators know what you think.