Dear Wisconsinites

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Dear Wisconsinites

I’m not writing this as a candidate for Lieutenant Governor, but I am writing as one of you.

There is so much going on in Wisconsin right now, that we need to slow down and just breathe for a moment. One thing I have learned is that a house divided cannot stand.

Just look at what we have going on right now, Democratic vs Republican, Republican vs Patriots, Patriots vs Patriots, Ego vs Ego, Friend vs Friend. Fighting among ourselves to see whose issue is more important isn’t God’s way.

When things like this are happening, we lose focus on the real fight and the other side keeps on winning. When our emotions are all over the place it’s easy to get deceive (to mislead by a false appearance or statement), and the enemy creeps in to manipulate us emotionally.

Most of us in Wisconsin say Faith, Family, and Freedom so let’s look at Faith.

FAITH – most of us say God first, but He can’t be first if we’re not walking in love, if we are not being honest, if we are not walking in truth. Just saying the word faith doesn’t mean we belong to God.

Let’s take a look at our behavior. What if we stop talking to our family and friends, stop talking to each other at church, or don’t respect each other on social media?


With all the fighting among us and egos flying everywhere, what will it cost if we lose again in 2022? Well, let us start in our home with our children, they will continue be the product of bad education and indoctrination.  They will continue to be confused about their sexuality.

We all will also lose on the fronts of:

Medical freedom

The Economy

Election Integrity

Free Speech

Freedom of Religion


Public Safety

If we allow the wrong people to get in or remain in office, because of our in-fighting, everything that I have listed will be lost. Are we willing to slow down, and rethink, and repent? Are we willing to repair some friendship and unite as Wisconsinites, and turn our state around?

We should never use the word I; we should always use the word WE, because it is going to take all of us to fix these problems.

So, as I close this letter, let us take some time to ask ourselves a few questions:

1)   Am I walking in integrity?

2)   Am I doing my homework on everything?

3)   Do I have anything in my heart against anyone?

4)   Am I leading by my emotion or by facts?

5)   Am I willing to make the right decision and make changes for the sake of our children and our future?

We can not afford to lose the 2022 Election! Wisconsinites let’s go and turn Wisconsin around!

Dr. David D. King