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Cy Huerter was surprised.

On Election Day 2008, Huerter was a volunteer driving poll watchers and poll challengers to voting places around northwest Indiana.  The retired U.S. Navy navigator was surprised when he met someone from China campaigning for Obama at a precinct in Gary, Indiana.

The man from China was an American who said he had a business in China.  But, also, the Obama campaigner bragged about being on a fundraising committee for the Obama campaign.

Huerter congratulated the American businessman on being so successful and asked for his business card.  Huerter got the card and showed it to a friend who made and posted a video on the internet.  In the video, Huerter talks about the incident and shows the business card of the Americans who claimed to live and work in China.

Huerter and his friends started wondering how much money was being spent to pay the living and travel expenses of the businessman from China.  The Obama campaigner talked like he had been in the U.S. for several months campaigning and raising money for Obama.

What if China-funded Americans who owned “businesses” in China to campaign for Obama?  The “American business owners” would probably use credit cards from Chinese banks to pay for their travel, living, and campaigning expenses.  If China-funded 200 “American business owners” at five million dollars each, then China would have been pouring one billion dollars into the support of the Obama campaign in 2008.

Did China collude with the Obama campaign?  Watch the video and decide for yourself.