Does Protasiewicz Belong On The WI Supreme Court….. Or Should PROTASIEWICZ Be Before A Court Facing Charges?

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On March 15, 2023, broke the story headlined:

“EXCLUSIVE: Former Stepson Says Janet Protasiewicz Repeatedly Assaulted Elderly Judge [VIDEO]”

According to the story, Protasiewicz, candidate for WI Supreme Court, is accused by her then step-son of multiple instances of physically abusing her then elderly husband, retired Milwaukee Judge Patrick J. Madden.  Step-son Michael Madden claims he lived with Protasiewicz’s and Judge Madden’s home and witnessed multiple instances of physical abuse by Protasiewicz, saying “I saw it with my own two eyes.”

Madden is also quoted saying the following regarding the alleged abuse of his father by Protasiewicz:

  • “I observed a red mark on the side of his face and ear. Janet was the person who delivered the slaps.”
  • “She was belligerent and pushed him and slapped him dozens of times, dozens of times. It happened on a fairly regular basis.”
  • “I would say that she struck him and pushed him three or four times a week. My father was a very gentle guy, so he would try to get away.”
  • “He got knocked against the wall a couple of times. If there wouldn’t have been a wall there, yes, he would have gone over on the ground.  I saw it with my own two eyes.”

The step-son claimed Protasiewicz was age 34 when Protasiewicz allegedly abused her husband who was 30+ years her senior at age 70.  Furthermore, the article quotes step-son Madden as saying:

  • “It was physical abuse brought on and fueled by alcoholism.”
  • “It was fueled by her alcohol use.”
  • “I would say it was elder abuse.”

The story also reports that the marriage between Protasiewicz and Judge Patrick Madden fell apart and ended in a divorce after only 9 months.

According to the story, Madden says he would be willing to testify under oath and challenged Protasiewicz to sit with him at a kitchen table with journalists and discuss it.

Reported by Jessica McBride & Jim Piwowarczyk, the story quotes not only step-son Michael Madden, it also offers quotes from two other children of Judge Madden, as well as from an unnamed family friend, and  the story is accompanied by videoed remarks by step-son Michael Madden.  Reporters McBride & Piwowarczyk indicated, too, that they contacted Protasiewicz’s campaign about the abuse allegations but to-date no denial of the allegations has been made despite being offered the opportunity.

At the very least, such allegations should result in an investigation to determine if Protasiewicz committed elder abuse as she is accused of doing.

If the alleged abuse by Protasiewicz is true, it raises serious questions about whether Protasiewicz belongs on Wisconsin’s Supreme Court.  Readers must form their own opinions by reading the story and follow-up articles and watching the accompanying videos on

Read’s March 15th story & follow-up articles and watch the video testimony at: