Election fraud: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Apologists

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To the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in response to their article about election fraud:

Justice Michael Gabelman, Rep. Janel Brandjten are doing what the Journal, District Attorney’s, and the GOP should have been doing decades ago when I started telling former Milwaukee Journal editor, Dick Leonard, about it.

Tammany Hall started it; Chicago Mayor Daley/Maier perfected it for at least 10,000 votes every election cycle. Dems stole the Trump/Walker elections.

The Journal has never done a lick of investigation cause they like vote theft as long as done by the left.

The Journal lied to us about Russia and the Dossier. The Journal covered it up. The whole thing was a Clinton campaign operation designed to smear Trump, for something the Clintons and Bidens actually did.

Milwaukee, Dane and Brown County are leaders in election frauds, so who the hell do you think that Gabelman would talk to: those that know of election fraud, while the Journal apologizes for fraud and theft the last 60 years.

I gave the current Journal Sentinel editor George Stanley, Dick Leonard, and others at Journal many opportunities to investigate voter fraud, they never did it, and that is not by mistake but by design.

Dems have bragged to me for years, in bars where people are frankly more honest.

GOP has failed us to check out, too. Thousands of affidavits for evidence.

The Racine County Sheriff uncovered it, and put it out for all to see. Many people see what is going on but the Journal refuses to further investigate.

Ceasar started the first fraud in nursing homes.

So, carry on, people will be laughing at you, just like former CBS Nightly News anchor and a purveyor of fake news, Dan Rather.

Recounts are meaningless in detecting fraud. We need a full forensic audit, NOW.

Bob Dohnal, Publisher
Wisconsin Conservative Digest