Liberal cities were allowed to vote first, now Gov. Evers stay at home order will limit conservative areas from voting

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Early voting has started. However, there’s a huge caveat.

Liberal cities like Milwaukee and Madison kicked off their early voting period much earlier than many conservative areas, especially rural areas that are conservative strongholds. Some municipalities in conservative stronghold Waukesha County weren’t open for early voting. Municipalities in more conservative areas were starting their early voting periods on March 23, the day Evers announced he would issue his “Safer at Home Order.”

He does this after a weekend in which he promised he would not issue such order. On the Friday before the March 23 order, WISN 1130 talk radio show host, Mark Belling, had a source and inside knowledge that Evers would issue this stay at home order. On that Friday Evers told the Legislature and the public that he would not issue a stay at home order, and the weekend passed, and he announced the order.

Make no mistake about it- Gov. Evers is doing all he can to reduce conservative turnout to deliver the court to abortion on demand, anti-second amendment, anti-Christian activist judge, Jill Karosfsky.

They are cheating to deny the conservative Justice, Daniel Kelly, a seat on the court. Evers is brazenly and opening using the Covid-19 issue to STEAL a seat on the court. Gov. Evers knows very well that his stay at home order will scare older voters, which are typically more Republican and conservative.

You cannot allow Evers to get away with it. Get out to Vote for Justice Daniel Kelly. Justice Kelly is a rule of law Justice, pro-second-amendment, supports our constitutional rights, and will protect the life of the precious unborn. Vote early if you can. Call your local city hall and see when you can vote early. April 7 is election day. You must vote for Justice Daniel Kelly.

His opponent, Jill Karofsky, supports abortion up until the due date. She hates the 2nd amendment. She is anti-business. She is no supporter of religious liberty and will use the court to destroy our Judeo-Christian values. She would be the most far-left person to ever serve on the court.

VOTE for Justice DANIEL KELLY for Supreme Court

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This article reflects the opinion of Bob Dohnal who is the founder of the Wisconsin Conservative Digest. You can reach him at