Happy Wisconsin Taxpayer Appreciation – Act 10 Saves Wisconsin Taxpayers More Than $12 Billion, New Analysis Finds

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As far as the government unions were concerned, the budget repair bill was the end of the world – and they acted like it. For a month, they coordinated the occupation of the hallowed halls of the Wisconsin State Capitol by juggling clowns, college potheads, exploited children, out-of-state communists, card-carrying socialist state employees, malingering public school teachers, derelict doctors, and thousands of other protesters. (Don’t believe us? Click through the links and see for yourself). Anyway, they lost. Gov. Scott Walker signed Act 10 into law on March 11, 2011.



The fight was so epic and the consequences so far reaching, we’re still celebrating this achievement nine years later. Given the truly astonishing level of taxpayer savings – $12 billion dollars – Wisconsinites are certain to celebrate former Gov. Scott Walker, Act 10 and Wisconsin Taxpayer Appreciation Day for years, maybe decades to come.

At the time of Act 10, Wisconsin was at a crossroads. The state was facing an immediate $145 million budget deficit when Gov. Walker took office in 2011. It was about to get much worse. Within six months, the new fiscal year would begin with a $3.6 billion deficit – unless radical changes could be made.

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