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To fight COVID-19, President Trump relies on advice from Dr. Anthony Fauci.  Dr.  Fauci’s theory that “shelter in place” works to contain the virus is questionable.

That policy was used in China, Italy, and Spain and it did not work.  Why should anyone expect that it will work in the U.S.? 

In fact, the “shelter in place” policy in Italy resulted in thousands of deaths.  In Italy, schools were closed and children were sent home to “shelter in place” with their families.  But many children were already exposed to COVID-19.  Children seem to have stronger immune systems that protect them from COVID-19.  Italian families often live in units of 10 or more people with several generations together.  The children at home repeatedly breathed the same air as the elderly relatives.  Is it any wonder that thousands of elderly Italians got the virus and died in a short time?

People staying together and breathing the same air constantly in one unit or in shared units from a connected ventilation system are much more likely to share germs and diseases than people who open the door often to go somewhere else.  Maybe you heard a friend say about a cold or flu, “It’s been going around in my apartment building.  Everyone’s getting it.” 

Dr. Fauci seems to have ignored how the “shelter in place” policy was a direct and proximate cause of thousands of deaths in Italy.  The “shelter in place” policy could be the reason that people in urban areas of multi-unit buildings are catching the disease far more than people in suburban or rural areas.
Dr. Fauci’s theories and models must be challenged.  Lives depend on it.


Woodrow Wilcox is a Democrat who is pro-life, pro-gun rights, and anti-Obamacare.  He wrote the book SOLVING MEDICARE PROBLEM$ and over 700 articles about problems with the Medicare system that cost seniors money.  Politics might be in his blood.  He is a cousin of Dwight D. Eisenhower and John C. Calhoun.