My Experience as a Trump Supporter in High School

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I remember the infamous June 16th day when Donald Trump came down the escalator and announced his run for President. I watched it live and became a supporter immediately. Unfortunately, I was a 15-year-old in high school, and I could never vote for candidate Trump. I attended Cristo Rey Jesuit High School that August. Immediately, I realized my teachers and the student population of the school was very left-wing.

I was vocal of my support for President Trump, just as other students were supportive of their candidates. The first time I spoke about my politics and my support for Donald Trump was in Humanities class. The class topics were about Terrorism, LGBTQ, Social Interactions, Economics, and the Election.

Every day we had open discussions about these topics and often we had in-class debates. Every time we would talk about then candidate Trump or the election, I was the only kid in my class supported and defended Trump and his conservative values. My teacher would often question why I supported him, and I would argue my reasons for why I support Trump. My colleagues in class would occasionally chime in stating the usual media talking points that Trump was a racist, homophobe, xenophobic, white supremacist, Nazi, and other demagoguery. I was certainly alone and felt like the odd one out in the room.

The so-called “tolerant left” and teachers who said they do not believe in bullying allowed for bullying to happen right before them. I was constantly harassed for my beliefs. One teacher even asked me “when was America ever great?” I was always singled out and found myself eating lunch alone most times. However, this did not stop me from supporting Trump and as the election continued my support for him grow stronger. I was eager to prove to the haters and the doubters that Trump was going to win the Presidency and they in fact would be wrong.

Every lunchtime I would watch Trump’s MAGA rallies live on You Tube. Some students would get upset and ignore me, others would come and ask me questions to try and humiliate me. No matter what came my way, I continually stood my ground. For a while thing were calm until the Janesville WI Trump rally on March 29th– and that is when everything changed.

I had tickers to the Janesville rally, however, my family and I did not make it into the rally and had to stand outside with the overflow crowd of Trump supporters and Bernie Bro protestors. I had a debate with a guy who was part of the Free Hugs Project, who was recording the debate between myself and other supporters. This video was live on social media and fellow class members of mine were extremely upset by it, mind you that I had no clue about the video. When I returned to school that following Monday I was greeted with many hateful looks, some kids would give me the middle finger and call me the typical terms the left uses to demonize Republicans: “Nazi” or “Racist”, the same names that they called Trump.

Other times the kids would call me names in Spanish or said that I would be a school shooter. This hatred towards me was expected but what was unexpected was when the Vice Principal and school counselor called my mother to discuss what was going on. According to my mother, the Vice Principal asked: “Are you aware that your son was at a Donald Trump rally over the weekend?” My mother stated “I know he was, I was there with him” the two school officials were dumbfounded at the fact that there before them sat not 1 but 2 Trump supporters after they called me into the office, we tried to explain that the teachers should talk about both sides instead of being biased and the Vice Principal looked at us as if we were “twisting around a padded room in a strait jacket”.

The trouble did not stop there, everyday classes ended up in a political debate with the other kids and I found myself outnumbered every time. During the van rides to our corporate work-study locations, politics would become a hot topic to discuss, but eventually, I would be pulled to the side and told that I must stop talking about politics. Even the Priest who helped with the school asked me “How could I support such a horrible man like Trump”. I could not believe all that was going on, I hoped every day that Trump would win the election just so that I would not feel Humiliated, knowing full well I would never hear the end of it if he were to lose. As it got closer and closer to November in 2016, I could see the support for Trump grow, the rallies were packed stadiums and He had about 5 rallies a day. I could not wait any longer for Trump to win. I could not wait for all the hate to be over.

November 8th, 2016: Donald Trump wins the 2016 Presidential Election. The day that I had been waiting for had finally come followed by a full day of school. I could not even sleep. I was so happy with the results, and I knew that the “experts” were all proven wrong and the same goes for every single person who went to my High School. They held an all-school assembly in the gym to talk about what happened. I had never seen such a quiet gym with 200 people in it. I could see the anger and frustration on many faces. Some people congratulated me on my candidate’s win, others had some unsavory words for myself and the “Bad Orange Man”. As the year went on people started to respect what I had to say, occasionally I would have that one person who would call me the labels that leftist use, but I eventually met one or two people who did show their support for President-Elect Trump which made me feel more confident and not so alone.

My second year I found myself once again supporting and defending the President and his accomplishments that he would do in his first year. This meant more debate with new students and new teachers which I enjoyed very much. I saw the ideals of Socialism appeal to many of the students since they favored Bernie during the election. The school did not have any American Flags which I fought like hell to get put up, and I would continue speaking out against the liberal ideology that was taught in the classrooms. But my time at Cristo Rey would come to an end when I was asked to leave at the end of the year due to my poor performance when it came to math. I do not believe that being asked to leave was entirely due to the algebra class, but instead had more of a political motive behind it. I put in the work and had many filled-out notebooks and scrap paper to prove that I was doing everything in my power to succeed and pass.

My family was moving anyway to South Milwaukee anyways, so it did not really bother me. When I went to South Milwaukee High School, I could see a complete shift in political ideology. I began to meet many other students who shared the same values that I had even though many of the teachers were still hardcore Democrats. The problem I found with my new high school was that kids did not speak up and stand for what they believed in unless they were leftist. The teachers would in a sense “bully” kids into not speaking out by making them leave the class or just not let the kids ask a question. This not only bothered me but made me speak out even more. One teacher fully admitted that he was a communist and supported the system and believed it would be far better for the world than capitalism. Another teacher told me that “I was pulling information out of my ass” when I was discussing economics under the Trump administration. The good thing about South Milwaukee was no matter how the conversations or debates went with a teacher it would end civilly or find common ground values. Not everything was one-sided, and I would have fellow students who would join in and back up what I would say. A breath of fresh air is the feeling I got; I was not alone now.

Now for the number one question that I would be asked by everyone was “Why are you a Trump supporter?” My answers were always the same; I support President Donald J Trump because he is the one man who gave up his billionaire lifestyle to be continuously hammered by the left-wing media every day as he fights for the American people. President Trump wants to put America First, get our jobs back, reassert our fiscal sanity, rebuild our strength and fight for the best interest of the American people. His many accomplishments have shown that this was true, most times people would disagree but have no evidence to back up their claims. My experience in high school has taught me that arguing with a liberal is just like talking to a brick wall, but it has also taught me that you can find a middle ground with people and change people minds if you are rational and present facts rather than arguing with emotion. You may only change one or two minds, but that’s how movements start…with just one person at a time.

Although I had sometimes in high school that were rough and was called things I were not, my support for the President has never died. Now that I am of age to vote, I can say that President Trump was the first United States President that I voted for in my lifetime. I continue to be so proud to be able to say that. Furthermore, I would like to tell many young people who might have similar experiences like myself; never give up and never surrender. As Abraham Lincoln once said, “Be sure to put your feet in the right place, then stand firm”. Then and only then we can get our message out. We were the silent majority, but we are silent no more. When we are quiet, the liberal “elites” win. They want you to not want to vote, we must keep up the support for conservative and republican values. Our schools now have been under assault and started a grand mobilization of socialist propaganda to our kids.

School boards are bending to those who want to teach Critical Race Theory to all grades. We must stop this while it is still fresh and not implemented within our schools. As one who has been to both public and private schools, I can say that our Republic will fall if we do not stop this blatant attempt to brainwash the youth of the future. We must stop playing catch up and start getting more active and involved in every part of local, state, and federal government. Even though I graduated in 2019, I have come such a long way in a short amount of time. I worked for the Trump campaign during the 2020 election. I later joined the Republican Party of Milwaukee County and have been working on major projects to help grow and better the party. I continue to be involved in groups like the Wisconsin Conservative Digest and work with many likeminded individuals and organizations. I hope people that read this will understand what I went through and be inspired to get more involved in politics like I did while I was in high school.