Is Socialism for You? Think when you vote!

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On your ballot for the April 7 Presidential Primary in Wisconsin there will be a very distinct choice: the socialist mentality of Bernie Sanders and AOC, or the freedom and prosperity of Donald Trump.

Do not be fooled by the title of ‘Democratic Socialism.’  It is the same as socialism or communism, but not the same as what Sweden or Norway has.  They are not socialists, they just have a big welfare state that taxes people at 55% and it does not work very well.

When was the last time you heard of some new invention, wonder drug come from these countries?  Socialism, communism and confiscatory taxes burdens free enterprise and as history as our guide, it has never worked. Liberal commentators like Chris Mathews understand that it never works. Just look at Cuba, Venezuela, Russia and China, it is always the same.

Bernie will tax you to death. His plan is to enact taxes as high as 90%, a 4.34 trillion dollar wealth tax, a 2.4 trillion dollar tax on “wall-street speculation,” which is nothing more than a tax on your 401k, IRA, penions or other retirement accounts. And there’s more. He’s promised to raise taxes on the middle class but ensures they are better off giving more of their hard-earned money to the government. He guarantees free healthcare, college, housing, childcare, eliminate all medical and student loan debt, and will expand social security. He leaves our free transportation, maybe he will cancel all my car debt. I have to ask.

Bernie paints this picture as if what he’s prosposing is new. It’s not. When the Pilgrims first came to America, they established a communal system. It was well-intended. However, it never worked and the settlers found themselves starving, sick, and homeless. Bernie’s ideas are no different.

AOC and Bernie wants this Green New Deal. This plan would hurt states like Wisconsin that depend on manufacturing and argiculture for jobs and wealth. It will kill the service jobs that rely on our state manufacutring and agriculture sector.

Since they need all your money to pay for this, the economy will contract, reducing your ability to save money to buy a house, build a business, save for retirement, and have a comfortable life.

Bernie thinks that everyone should have the same things in life. AOC wants to redo every building making it into a virtual police state to fight the climate hysteria and will reduce our freedoms dramatically.

All of these things are economic suicide.

As the US goes so will the rest of the world as it drops into another Great Depression! It will kill off our jobs, dramatically increase infant mortality, and turn America to a state that is unrecognizable.

They want open borders that will let 100 million more people come in from South America, China, or wherever they can find new voters who support their policies. The rest of America will become like California- a pit of drugs, homelessness, with jobs and people fleeing.

Is that what we want? Is that what we want for our kids?

I think not.

Jean and I always vote for Freedom.

As Margaret Thatcher said:  “The trouble with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

In contrast to Bernie, President Trump policies has led to a booming economy with more jobs than people to fill them. Under Trump, our citizens can afford to finance a new car or home, travel to see their kids, enjoy a lifestyle of freedom and properity.

Under Trump we are working to control our borders, lowering gas prices, renegotating trade deals that help our country, a strong military to defend us from countries like China, Iran, Russia, and other hostile countries who want to do harm to America.

On April 7 freedom is at stake. Get out to vote.