Isn’t the “shelter in place” order dangerous to many?

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Like Donald Trump, I used to work on construction projects.  I just didn’t make as much money as Mr. Trump did.  Working with my grandfather and others, I learned something about how buildings are built.  It is that experience that leads me to believe that the “shelter in place” order is extremely dangerous for many people.  Let me explain. 

Every building has one or more ventilation systems.  In multiple unit buildings, the ventilation system connects several units or all units depending on when and how the building was built.

If one person in the building is sick with COVID-19, the exhaling of that person will put COVID-19 germs into the air of the unit where the sick person is.  The ventilation system will carry the COVID-19 germs in the air to other units in the building.  If no one opens a window to bring fresh air into a unit or the building, the concentration of COVID-19 germs will increase in the air that is shared by everyone in the building as long as the sick person still breathes.  In winter months, people do not usually open their windows to get fresh air because that would increase the heating bill.  Fresh air would dilute the concentration of COVID-19 in the air.

If you put people in a room with a small amount of COVID-19 in the air, some people might get sick.  But if you fill the air of the room with COVID-19 germs, it is much more likely that more people will get the disease.  Diluting the concentration of COVID-19 in the air that is breathed in a multi-unit building should reduce the chances of people who live in the building from getting sick from COVID-19 germs.  That is why introducing “fresh air” is so important.

In the spring, more people open their windows to get fresh air.  Also, in the spring, the flu season starts to end with fewer people getting the flu.  Opening the windows and introducing fresh air dilutes the concentration of flu germs in the unit or building.  COVID-19 is spread much like the flu.  Instead of keeping people indoors while the concentration of COVID-19 increases in their building, why not encourage them to go outside for fresh air and to reduce the bombardment of their immune systems from COVID-19 germs?

Thus, the “shelter in place” rule increases the chances of people in apartment buildings – especially older apartment buildings – getting sick from COVID-19.  In Chicago and other cities, the state and local officials have forbidden people from using parks to walk and exercise, get fresh air, and increase the oxygen in their systems.  Oxygen helps to fight germs in the body.  Refusing to allow people to exercise, get fresh air, and increase oxygen in their bodies invites disease to overtake the immune system and make people sick.  It is bad government policy at work.

On Sunday, April 5, I heard a radio report that thirty percent of Illinois residents who died from COVID-19 were African-Americans.  African-Americans are NOT thirty percent of the Illinois population.  But many African-Americans live in multi-unit buildings – especially older multi-unit buildings.

Under my theory, places with a high percentage of people living in multi-unit buildings with shared ventilation systems should have a higher number of COVID-19 cases than suburban and rural areas with mostly single-family dwellings.  Maybe that is why New York City and other urban places with many people living in multi-unit buildings are key areas where the COVID-19 cases are concentrated and spreading.

Similarly, in China’s urban populations, a “shelter in place” order forced Chinese who live in multi-unit buildings with shared ventilation systems to share COVID-19 germs with people throughout the building.  That may be a key factor for why the “shelter in place” order imposed by the Chinese government failed to halt the spread of COVID-19 in China.

In Italy, the government ordered the schools to close and for children to stay at home and “shelter in place” with their families.  But the children had already been exposed to COVID-19.  Children seem to have stronger immune systems that fight COVID-19 germs better than the elderly or others with weaker immune systems.  Italian families often live in large family units of ten to twelve people with several generations living together.  The children in the homes kept breathing the same air as their older relatives.  Is it any wonder that the “shelter in place” order was a direct and proximate cause of the death of thousands of elderly Italians in a short amount of time?

The idea of “social distancing” is good.  The further you are from a person who coughs or sneezes, the fewer germs from that person you will encounter.  In “social distancing” the principle of diluting the concentration of COVID-19 germs is practiced.  Why do government officials ignore the need to dilute the concentration of COVID-19 germs by ordering people to “shelter in place”?  The “shelter in place” order actually helps to spread the disease!  That is why I believe that the “shelter in place” order from government officials is very dangerous to many people.

For people who live in multi-unit buildings, I believe that the “shelter in place” order is a DEATH WISH.


Woodrow Wilcox is a Democrat who is pro-life, pro-gun rights, and anti-Obamacare.  He wrote the book SOLVING MEDICARE PROBLEM$ and over 700 articles about problems with the Medicare system that cost seniors money.  Politics might be in his blood.  He is a cousin of Dwight D. Eisenhower and John C. Calhoun.