Joe Biden is ignoring Latino voters

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Joe Biden’s campaign has ruled out any peer-to-peer outreach with Latino voters. Biden and his campaign believe they have the Latino vote locked up and there is no need to work for it. This is not only foolish; it is insulting to think just because someone is Latino that they will vote Democrat. It is the same way Democrats have taken advantage of black voters. Joe Biden’s most memorable outreach to Latinos was playing Despacitio, which did not come off as funny as he thinks.

What is Joe Biden’s message to Latinos on jobs, education, or safety? Joe Biden unity pledge with socialist Bernie Sanders should tell you all you need to know.

Part of Joe Biden’s unity pledge with Bernie Sanders is to defund the police. Statistics show that minority communities in black and Latino neighborhoods would be worse off if you were to defund the police. Service calls and wait times would increase, and the police would not have the resources to be responsive to 911 calls. How can you have job investment in Latino communities if they are not safe? Nobody will invest in communities with poor quality police services. Defunding the police is a terrible concept and Joe Biden is wrong to endorse it.

Joe Biden has promised that he would defund all private choice schools. As a result, schools like St. Anthony’s, Cristo Rey, St. Augustine would lose any federal funding they may receive. That would hurt low-income Latino families whose kids attend many private choice schools.

When Joe Biden was Vice President, he supported the Trade Pacific Partnership- a trade agreement that would ship working-class manufacturing jobs offshore, hurting Latino-American workers. Over 15% of the manufacturing workforce in the United States is Latino. 

In his unity agreement with Bernie Sanders, Biden agreed to implement the far-left communist Green New Deal. The Green New Deal would take a sledgehammer to the construction industry by regulating it so many investors would never build. Over 27% of the construction industry is Latino. The Green New Deal would kill the construction industry in our country.

The Green New Deal would also regulate our farms out of existence. The emission standards in the Green New Deal makes it impossible for farmers to operate their business. Latino workers contribute a lot to our farming industry and work hard to make sure American grocery stores have the supply of food to feed our country. The Green New Deal is a job-killer and would disproportionately affect Latino’s who contribute to American prosperity.

Joe Biden’s campaign has not only neglected the Latino community, but his polices would also kill jobs, raise taxes, cut off economic investment, and take away educational opportunities from low-income Latino families.