Joe Biden’s agenda would be bad for Latino Americans

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In the 2020 election, there are many ways to contrast President Trump and Joe Biden. However, that contrast could not be starker than on the issues that Latino Americans value.
Joe Biden is a trojan horse for socialism. Socialism is a philosophical agenda that devalues God, opposes God’s teachings, and would remove God from the public square. At Joe Biden’s DNC Convention, caucuses in the Democratic Party removed God from the pledge of allegiance. At the 2012 DNC Convention, God was booed on the convention floor.

Socialism is also an economic program that devalues hard work, punishes small entrepreneurs, and rewards laziness. Those who start businesses are punished for being successful, and that hurts job creation and wage growth. While everyone does badly under socialism, statistics and history show that the people worst off under socialism are minorities, the poor, working class. As we have seen under dictators like Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, Latino families are all but aware of the harmful and depressing effects of socialism.

Joe Biden’s education agenda would be harmful to many Latino communities that benefit from parental choice programs and charter schools. There are many parental choice schools on the southside of Milwaukee that serve largely Latino populations- schools like St. Augustine Academy, St. Anthony’s, Cristo Rey, and other private schools like them.

Biden does not believe the families in these schools should receive a voucher to have their children education paid for. He is controlled by teachers’ unions (not teachers) who oppose parents having control over their children’s education. These schools provide a great education, are moral fabrics of the community, and provide students with a high-quality education, and a moral foundation built on the principles of Jesus Christ. Joe Biden would defund parental choice schools by removing all there federal funding. This would result in the closing of schools and fewer opportunities for students to attend choice schools.

In his unity pledge with Socialist Bernie Sanders, Biden pledges to end the only federal school choice program- a program that benefits primarily low-income minority students.
Joe Biden’s agenda would be harmful to Latino families that values hard work, faith, and education. His siding with socialist does not benefit Latino communities, instead, they remind Latino families of some of the countries they fled.

Whether you are Latino or not, everyone deserves an opportunity to reach their highest potential. Under a Joe Biden presidency, we would see a loss of jobs, opportunities for high-quality education, and an attack on God and the teachings of the bible.