Kleefisch Smears Against Tim Michels

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Kleefisch Smears: She is desperate

Robin Vos and Scott Jensen are her brain trust and she is way behind. So, she starts throwing crap with her Lying Ads.

Michesl runs things and did well. What has Becky run? TV ads?

Now it is bad to run the most successful construction businesses in Wisconsin? A business, Michels Corp, that has saved Wisconsin millions of dollars with low bid contracts.

Tim Michels will divest himself from a very successful business as Trump did to clean up the messes in Mad City. He has always voted in Wisconsin. Michels and Tim have paid huge taxes to pay for Rebecca’s and her husband’s salaries. Michels Corp fixed our potholed highways.

Kleefisch thinks that good businesses are bad?

Tim Michels has never called for any tax increases in 20 years. Michel’s Construction has won many contracts to fix our destroyed roads and did great job.

Michels Corps runs a fleet of over 14,000 pick-ups, and heavy construction equipment. All of it moves and requires fossil fuels. About 4% of Michels Corps business is in road construction. Why the hell would Tim Michels raise the gas tax and kill 96% of his business and raise the cost of his business and reduce its profits.

I once ran multiple large units of aparatments and it would be like me advocating for a property tax increase. It’s a silly attack by Kleefisch and her gang of Madison insiders.

Bob Dohnal
Publisher of Wisconsin Conservative Digest
Wisconsin Conservative Digest
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