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A March 2, 2023, article by Bill Lueders on WisconsinExaminer.com, titled “Dan Kelly’s divine inspiration”, criticizes Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Dan Kelly for his religious beliefs and convictions.

What is so vile about Dan Kelly’s religious convictions that the article must warn readers about them?  Hold onto your hats folks, here are some of the terrible things the article points to about Dan Kelly:

  • The religious convictions held by Kelly in 1991 are the same convictions Kelly holds in 2023.
  • Kelly “warned that allowing same-sex couples to wed “will eventually rob the institution of marriage of any discernible meaning”.”
  • Kelly “called abortion “a policy that has as its primary purpose harming children”.”
  • Kelly attended Regent University Law School, part of Regent University founded in 1986 by religious leader Pat Robertson
  • Kelly “remains deeply committed to the idea that all law comes from God and that God doesn’t change his mind about anything”.
  • “…..Whether it be about reproductive rights, or redistricting, or the regulation of businesses, or restrictions on guns — Kelly’s hands are tied, and it is God who has tied them.”
  • In answering his own question of “Where do our rights come from?”, Kelly said the correct answer was God, not government, citing the Declaration of Independence, which sets forth that “all men … are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights”.

Interestingly, although not a surprise, this far-left-biased article takes a different tack with Kelly’s opponent for Wisconsin Supreme Court, Janet Protasiewicz.  The article offers that Sam Roecker, a spokesperson for the Protasiewicz campaign, issued a statement to the Examiner regarding Kelly’s affiliation with Regent University and his religiously charged writing, which in part states, “…Judge Janet personally follows her Catholic faith and is also a proud graduate of Marquette University Law School”.

So Protasiewicz following her “Catholic faith” is to be lauded, but Kelly following his faith is to be criticized?  Certainly not the first or last time the far-left will speak out of both sides of their mouth.

But wait!  Is Janet Protasiewicz even following her “Catholic faith?”  Protasiewicz has loudly trumpeted her “values”, as she calls them, including her support for Roe v. Wade and the right to abortion.  However, unless something drastically changed in the past week, the Catholic Church remains very much against abortion, which then raises the question as to whether Janet Protasiewicz is following her “Catholic faith” as her campaign so loudly professes.  And when Roe v. Wade was overturned, the Marquette Wire on June 24, 2023, reported that Marquette University issued statement that said, in part, that “Marquette’s promise to their Catholic and Jesuit identity calls them to appreciate the “core human value of the right to life”.”  Looks like Protasiewicz is the one deserving criticism instead of Kelly.

Bottomline…..the far-left’s criticisms of Kelly for his religious convictions are the very reasons conservatives should be flocking to the polls to vote for Kelly.

As the article points out, Kelly’s religious convictions in 2023 are the same as they were in 1991.  Kelly hasn’t changed his religious convictions to suit political whim and pressure. 

Kelly deserves to be applauded for the COURAGE of his religious convictions, not criticized.

Kelly deserves your VOTE for Wisconsin Supreme Court.

VOTE for DAN KELLY, and help GOTV Get-Out-The-Vote for Dan Kelly by telling everyone you know that Dan Kelly deserves their vote because Kelly is a man who has the courage of his convictions.