Lies From The Left: Abortion

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There have been numerous articles and reports, lately, that depict a woman having to make “the hardest decision of her life [and must] have an abortion”. Then the woman will go into the heart wrenching details of a pre-born child that is slowly passing away, and causing the mother health issues. She is at a cross road and has to induce labor early to save her life. These circumstances are more than devastating. The pain of losing a child is unspeakable.

For anyone who has read these articles and have been effected by them, hear this: “Inducing labor early is not an abortion.”

Abortion does not save the lives of women. It hurts women. The Left needs to stop twisting stories to make abortion seem as though it is healthcare. It isn’t.

Even women who suffer from preeclampsia aren’t offered abortion to “save their lives” because an abortion would take too long to perform in the third trimester.  Inducing labor is far safer for the mother and give the child a chance of survival.

There is one more big factor in the pro choice rhetoric that we, as pro life advocates, need to make clear; The intent in abortion is to ensure the child is dead, even if it is poses a risk to its mother. On the other hand, the intend of inducing labor is to give best possible chance of saving them both.

Don’t let the lies of Planned Parenthood and the Democratic Party fool you. When they use the term “women’s health” they strictly mean “abortion”.

If you, or someone you know, has experienced abortion there is healing and pro life advocates are here for you. Women who have first hand experience of abortion have made some of the best advocates and save hundreds of lives. Abortion is a dead end, but choosing life offers endless opportunities.

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Jacqueline is a Pro-Life advocate, foster parent, wife and mother of five. Former Executive Director of a local crisis pregnancy center, Jackie currently works for Wisconsin Right to Life promoting life saving options for women and families facing crisis situations. Believing that every single life has value, from conception to natural death, is the foundation of her values and her career choices. All comments, articles and any opinions expressed by Jacqueline are solely her beliefs and do not in anyway represent that of Wisconsin Right to Life.