Lieutenant Governor Candidate Cindy Werner Slams the Republican Party of Wisconsin Endorsement Policy

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Dear Fellow Patriots:

Money, power, and connections should not dictate who becomes the Republican Party of Wisconsin nominee for statewide offices. Yet the RPW Endorsement Policy makes these criteria sound like the deciding factors. Before candidates can even be considered, they must pass multiple tests to determine their “viability.” Qualifications include raising at least $50,000 from 300 contributors or more by March 15th, going through an interview to gain approval from an Endorsement Committee, and signing a unity pledge promising to endorse the nominee. Once you have been considered “viable,” you will be given access to RPW assistance. Candidates who make it through these steps still will not be chosen by the people but by a vote of delegates at the RPW Convention.

As a private entity, the RPW can run the selection process any way it wants. But if the party seeks to represent the people, maintaining a free election process is in its best interest. That means providing grassroots movements and new voices a fair shot, rather than automatically favoring the incumbent, candidates with the most financial backing, and those with ties to current elected officials.

This nomination process is nothing less than an attempt to consolidate power with a small committee of elite party members and stifle the people’s voice. Viability tests bar those outside the establishment from progressing—giving the party control of who can address the delegates as “viable.” I remember a time when the likes of Margaret Sanger considered certain folks “viable.” The RPW is paying lip service to our efforts. However, they still have the power to kill a campaign before it even gets started (if you are not considered viable, you will not have access to the state party assistance from after March 15th through May 20th).

It took Virginia nearly ten years to get it right before regaining the Governor’s mansion.  Unfortunately, we can’t let it take that long here in Wisconsin. But ultimately, it was the people speaking up and voicing their concerns about their kids, liberties, and rights that made a difference. Please step up and ensure the people’s voice is heard by supporting candidates like me. Grassroots efforts are the way to take back our government from those who want to destroy the values our country was founded on.

Who fills the lieutenant governor’s office, or any political office, is the people’s choice, not a committee, as I work to meet the RPW requirements? My campaign is working hard, and I will sit for the endorsement interview. But that’s not the point. Allowing a party or committee to decide winners and losers is wrong initially! I will fight every inch of the way to secure this nomination.   But I need your help, and I need our RPW to realize the process is deeply flawed. My solution would be that RPW works to change our primary date to April rather than August to allow candidates to have more time. It will take a lot of effort to make our voices heard and ensure things change.

I was asked, “what if you go through the endorsement process and are considered a viable candidate”? That, too, is not the point. I will continue to seek the support of as many legal voters as I can through a primary. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr once said, “our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter” neither today nor tomorrow will I be silent because to me, this process matters, and I hope to you it matters as well. So today, I ask that you go to my website and donate $15.00 or more to help our team continue fighting for things that matter.


Cindy Werner