Linda Boucher, 14th Assembly District Candidate Signed Walker Recall

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Linda Boucher, one of the Republicans running for the 14th District State Assembly seat in the Brookfield / Wauwatosa area signed the recall against former Governor Scott Walker. Boucher is a former school teacher and now a member of the Elmbrook School Board.

I was able to do some digging and I was able to find she and her husbands signatures in I Verify The Recall database.

The thing that gives pause is that it looks like she signed the petition in a way to possibly hide who she was. This raises red flags all over the place.

She signed as  ‘Linda Boucher (Pagonis)’. Even though Pagonis is her married name, she uses Boucher, her maiden name, for political campaigns. There is a typo in the database so it shows AGONIS which makes it difficult to find.  I looked her up using her home address, and bam, there it was.

Here is the actual link to her signature on the petition:

Boucher is ‘saying’ she is ‘the Conservative Choice’ and her literature and website show her pictured with former State Senator Leah Vukmir.  VUKMIR HAS NOT ENDORSED ANY CANDIDATE IN THIS PRIMARY! 

How can we be sure about her Conservatism? Yes, I understand people can change opinions, or grow up.  However, this really looks like she was a school teacher who had a political ax to grind and felt it necessary to overturn a complete election?

The 14th District Assembly Seat was the seat that Democrat, Robyn Vining was able to squeak in to and the only Democrat pickup in 2018. Wauwatosa resident Bonnie Lee and Brookfield resident Steven Shevey are the other two Republicans running in the primary and NEITHER SIGNED THE RECALL.

I found it necessary to put this story out today because absentee ballots are already being sent out and you should know who you are voting for.


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