New Government Statistics on Covid Shots

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Whether or not you get a Covid vaccine shot, you should know about some new statistics published by the federal agency Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (“VAERS”).

In an article written by attorney Megan Redshaw published in THE DEFENDER on 06/24/22, the attorney cited statistics recently released to the public.  You can find the article at .  Megan Redshaw works with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and others on vaccine safety issues with the Children’s Health Defense.

According to the article, 29,031 deaths and 240,022 serious injuries from Covid vaccine shots were reported to VAERS.  Also, the CDC admitted that it had not been monitoring those adverse reports for safety signals.

This means that the whole time that the federal government, state governments, and local governments had promoted the Covid vaccines as safe, the CDC was not even checking for adverse reactions to the vaccines and that VAERS was not regularly reporting to the CDC the true statistics on problems with the Covid vaccines.  That is really sloppy, irresponsible, unethical, and deceptive government work.  Is it any wonder why so many Americans don’t trust government leaders or employees?

Now, the government has approved Covid shots for small children.  If you care about your children or grandchildren, ask yourself if the CDC has really looked at how young people might be affected negatively by the Covid shots.  Their health and their lives are at stake.  But the fact is that the CDC approved Covid shots for youngsters without ever looking at the statistics revealed by the federal government agency VAERS that the Covid shots caused almost 30,000 deaths and almost a quarter of a million serious injuries to people who got Covid shots.

In previous articles, I cited the link between Covid shots and enlargement of heart muscles in boys and young men who got a Covid shot.  I like to check what the health agencies in other countries report about Covid shots.  Their reports tend to be more blunt and less complimentary about Covid shots.  Before the youngsters in your family get Covid shots, I suggest that you check the article cited and demand that the CDC take a deeper look into what is in Covid shots that might harm youngsters.