Opinion: Australia Institutes Disturbing Violation of Human Rights

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Covid Internment Camps have begun to pop up in the land down under. The formerly free states of the Australian continent have been disarmed for the most part and are now seeing the government wield its power in ever-increasing and disturbing ways.

This highlight on Australia, post-covid, comes as this week saw the Howard Springs Covid-Internment compound launch a massive search to recover three covid-negative teens, alongside police, ages 15,16 and 17, who had escaped the forcible quarantine camp.

Though the Australian government says the camp at Howard Springs is a “voluntary resort and spa,” the fact remains that those that attend are forced to, under threat of legal and physical action.


The above video tweet, posted by Avi Yemini, was filmed by 26-year old Hayley Hodgson.

Hodgson argued that everyone in the camp has already tested negative for Covid, which means there is no threat of transmission.

Despite this common-sense argument based on fundamental human freedom, camp staff told Hodgson she’d be fined $5,000 if she stepped off her front porch again.

“I’m not here to fight with you; I don’t want to fight with you,” the staff muttered sheepishly.

Those that attend the camp cannot leave without government permission. The residents of Howards Springs tell a far different story from that of government officials and Twitter celebrities.

Five people this week alone have attempted to escape.

Alongside these camps, there are also reports of severe neglect and abuse in the Youth Detention centers of the Northern Territory of Australia. Reports of suicidal teens being left in their cells for 23 hrs and 45 minutes a day. Lack of medical and education services.

Australia has a severely restricted ability to own guns, and citizens are left essentially helpless as they and their families are dragged away to these camps and detention centers.

This issue has brought the meaning and necessity of the Second Amendment, here in America, into clear focus. It shows that people who allow the government to control arms ownership give up their right to defensive force against those who infringe on their lawful interests as citizens of a free society.

Rights can only be rights as long as the people retain the ability to defend them.

These actions by a developed Western nation should worry all Americans and renew their zeal to protect their Constitutional rights.  The Biden regime has already proved that they are willing to ignore the courts and use strong-arm tactics to get the people to comply with unconstitutional covid restrictions.

We must stand on our rights. Or we are doomed to go down the same path as Australia.

Thomas Leager is the executive director of Wisconsin Gun Owners (WGO) and a pro-liberty activist who hails from Madison, Wis. See more about him and WGO here.

Picture source: Being in Lockdown AGAIN in Melbourne Australia: A Chronic Illness Patient’s Report (creakyjoints.org)

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Thomas Leager is the newly appointed Executive Director of Wisconsin Gun Owners, as of Jan 1st, 2021. He is a resident of Madison and a life-long Wisconsinite. He has been a pro-gun/pro-constitution activist for going on seven years and has been involved in organizing several large peaceful protests aimed at securing Constitutional Rights, especially the Second Amendment. His legislative agenda includes the Wisconsin Self-Defense and Firearm Freedom Act, which is outlined in the article. Thomas has recently been working on an offensive legislative push, in the wake of recent and unprecedented attacks on our Right to Bear Arms and the Defund the Police movement, that has resulted in mass violence in Wisconsin and across the country.