Opinion: I oversaw similar pandemics like COVID-19, it’s bad but not what you’re being told

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I’m a clinical pharmacist, now retired, but very active in research for many different people and Publisher of the Wisconsin Conservative Digest.

I oversaw policy during similar types of pandemics for our company PharMerica and managed over 6000 beds.

We went through bird flu, swine flu, SARS, H1N1, and others. H1N1 was way bigger than this and we did not close the country down. The media has blown this out of proportion, significantly. We had about 13,000 deaths in the USA with H1N1, 60 million infected, over 250,000 hospitalizations, and 60 million Americans got the flu. The modeling numbers for the COVID-19 have been way off, previously stating 2 million dead but now predicting at most 200,000. My bet is around 60,000 or so. That is still bad, but it’s not that much more significant than previous viruses.

The most vulnerable are the elderly, as well as people with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory illness, high blood pressure, and cancer.

We will lose more people from suicides as Tennessee did last month, plus many bankruptcies, people in financial trouble, especially those with little money will not be able to pay their rents and just live. I believe that we have unnecessarily scared the hell out of people.

Delivering all these benefits from the 2.2 trillion dollars program will be screwed up as usual by the Feds.

The young people are getting it because of failure to keep away from each other and being plainly stupid. My wife had it earlier in the year before anyone knew it was here. I believe that if you factor in the asymptomatic, like myself, 86% symptoms are very low, make the death rate around .05% to .1%, far better than the models.

We cannot close the country every three years or lots of people will lose their livelihoods, wealth and lives.

I am doubtful that Plaquenil and Zpaks will help. Malaria is a parasite and Corona is a virus. Zpak might help beat off pneumonia but the pneumonia they are getting is based-on a virus.

We made bad decisions when our leaders sent all these businesses overseas. We are paying dearly for the globalist trade, monetary, and foreign policy decisions. These policies have destroyed our working class and Obama said they would never come back. Thanks to President Trump’s leadership, we are starting to bring them back. With the Chinese Virus, there will be a larger appetite for an America-first jobs agenda. You can thank Trump for that.

Bob Dohnal, RPH