Petition: I support Milwaukee Police Chief Morales!

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The city of Milwaukee is under attack. While peaceful protestors peacefully walk the streets voicing their options for change, a minority of protestors in the group is constantly trying to create hate and discontent towards the Milwaukee Police Department. Chief Morales is doing a great job of walking the thin line between citizens’ rights and protecting citizens.

Chief Morales has made several positive changes to the police department since his appointment to the Chief of Police and has a vested interest in the safety and prosperity of Milwaukee. Chief Morales was born in Milwaukee, raised in Milwaukee and, still lives in the City of Milwaukee, unlike our last Chief.

Now criminals are calling for his resignation because they are unhappy with how he is handling the department and protests, using them as a shield to hide their real intention, which is total anarchy in the city of Milwaukee.

Let’s show Chief Morales that the residents of the city of Milwaukee support his efforts to keep us safe, as well as his efforts to preserve the constitution of the United States of America.

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