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On May 13, 2020, Planned Parenthood of Illinois announced the opening of their newest abortion facility in Illinois. The 18,024 square foot facility located in Waukegan, IL is the first abortion center in Lake County and specifically targets not only the minority population of Waukegan but also residents of Wisconsin.

According to the City of Waukegan, 43% of their residents are a part of the minority population. The abortion giant, infamous for its tactics to eradicate minority cultures by aborting future generations of the minority population, is aiming to do just the same in Waukegan as 19% of residents are African American and 24% are of other minority groups.

Furthermore, just ten miles from the Wisconsin border, the abortion center targets “residents in McHenry County, northern Cook County, the city of Chicago, and Kenosha County, Wisconsin.” Jennifer Welch, the President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Illinois, said in a statement to the Chicago Tribune that “the proximity to Wisconsin — a state that poses stringent legal barriers to abortion — was a critical factor in choosing the location.” The specific targeting of minority populations, as well as residents of our own state of Wisconsin, is unacceptable. Women deserve better than abortion and the preborn of both Wisconsin and Illinois deserve LIFE.

Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider and in 2019 alone received $616.8 million in taxpayer funding. Not only does the abortion giant continue to increase abortions and the widespread use of contraceptives by opening the first abortion facility in Lake County, but they choose to do so amidst a worldwide pandemic. When countless businesses are closed and elective healthcare procedures are canceled or postponed because of COVID-19, Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities remain open to take the lives of innocent children every day.

Abortion is not healthcare and certainly not “essential.”

The new Planned Parenthood in Waukegan will operate primarily as a chemical (medication) abortion facility and contraception dispensary. Dan Miller, State Director of Pro-Life Wisconsin commented, “In a time when mothers and fathers in an unplanned pregnancy need our help the most, Planned Parenthood of Illinois opens up a massive facility just miles from the Wisconsin/Illinois border in the predominantly minority community of Waukegan. While churches are closed, Planned Parenthood is open and aggressively expanding the culture of death. We must recommit ourselves to do more in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead for our preborn brothers and sisters in Christ. We must take back America and it starts at the abortion centers.”

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By Anna DeMeuse, Pro-Life Wisconsin Communications Director