Pro-Life: It Shouldn’t Have To Be Political

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I don’t remember the day I became “pro-life”. That was not a term I had ever heard of, nor was it something we ever discussed in our home. Even then, I didn’t really know what that meant.I was simply raised being taught the radical value that every human being matters, no matter what. Even then, I didn’t really know what that meant.

I grew up primarily in Arizona, a very conservative state where it seemed as though we all believed the same thing; law enforcement rocks, owning guns and teaching gun safety is a right of passage, and tumble weeds are a sign of good luck in the city. So my final project for my senior year’s Conservative Issues class seemed like it was going to be a breeze. Everyone in my class chose the obvious topics, capital punishment and gun safety laws. I was happy flying under the radar. Good grades, lots of friends and working in my church I had it pretty easy. No need to change that, so I chose the easiest topic I could think of, Abortion.

I thought to myself, “this will be quick and easy because who would argue with this topic?” As you can imagine, I could not have misjudged the situation more. I spent an entire hour and half putting together my debate points, when given 3 weeks, and I was so confident. I showed my class a couple insensitive photos of aborted babies, threw out a couple facts and BOOM I’d be done!

Before I could make it to my third slide I was being called names, had an eraser thrown at me and finally someone had enough and unplugged my projector. I was being asked questions like, “what if she was raped?” “What if she’s poor?” “What if the baby is disabled?” To each of these great questions I answered with “I don’t know.”

Two things I walked away with that day, aside from feeling 2 inches tall, were that 1. How was I the Christian in a room with classmates all year that were my friends and I had not known how much this topic effected them. Had I not checked in with my friends enough? How could I better minister to my peers who are dealing with difficult times? 2. I need to find the answers to the questions my peers were asking me. Had I taken more time to prepare, I may have had a powerful platform to minister truth and healing, but I had completely underestimated the weight in the topic of abortion.

That day has been engraved on my heart ever since. I don’t want a textbook answer to tough questions, I wanted to understand where these questions were coming from. So that’s what I set out to do.

Little did I know that two unplanned pregnancies later I would become the Executive Director of a pro life pregnancy center spending my days counseling women going through unimaginable circumstances. Women who have been beaten, trafficked, addicted, abandoned or with serious medical conditions found me and together we walked together finding hope and healing.

What I found in EVERY situation where a woman wanted to have an abortion was that in her devastating circumstances she did not feel seen by the world. She felt like the world was going to judge her ability to be a mother, or that her circumstances would impact her ability.

I’ve worked with the finest pro life leaders, volunteers and advocates in the state of Wisconsin and I’ve found that pro life families don’t just want to end the need for abortion, they want to improve the conditions for the woman that is struggling. They don’t see a drug addict as an unfit mother, they see a wounded woman that needs a community that will support her sobriety and love her unconditionally. Pro-life families have no bias towards the color, race or religion of a woman or her children, they just want them to experience the goodness of life.

Pro-Life people are not racist because it goes against every value of our being because we believe that every human being should have the right to live and be free.

We are also under the firm acknowledgment that abortion does not heal the trauma of rape or work to prevent rape from happening to other women, it only adds another trauma on top of trauma. It also takes away the ability to prosecute the rapist because the child serves as DNA evidence that has helped convict men of this awful crime. We know that abortion protects abusers, child rapists and traffickers.

Pro-Life advocates know that abortion does not prevent foster care, in fact when the number of abortions rise so does the number of children in foster care. I believe that is a direct result of devaluing life and the notion that children are disposable.

Pro-life doctors know that a 3rd trimester abortion has never saved a woman because it takes 3 days to perform and if her life is in distress it would only make sense to induce labor early, thus protecting the woman and giving the child the best chances of survival.

Being pro-life should not have to be a political stance, but it has come to this. Voting for pro life leaders helps us continue to serve women and families and limit the timeframe an abortion can take place. If we don’t not have the right to be born, then what do we really have the rights to?

The single greatest lie that has been fed to the American people is that pro-life families want to control women’s bodies. What would anyone have to gain from that? Absolutely nothing

Be pro-life today.

Become a foster parent or support those that foster.

Serve in soup kitchens and homeless shelters.

Become a sponsor for someone struggling with their addiction.

Meet with your leaders and be a part of the racial reconciliation that is happening across our country.

Become part of the radical movement that believes that every single human being has value and is worth serving and fighting for.

Email Jacqueline at to find out how you can get involved with a pro-life chapter in your area.

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Jacqueline is a Pro-Life advocate, foster parent, wife and mother of five. Former Executive Director of a local crisis pregnancy center, Jackie currently works for Wisconsin Right to Life promoting life saving options for women and families facing crisis situations. Believing that every single life has value, from conception to natural death, is the foundation of her values and her career choices. All comments, articles and any opinions expressed by Jacqueline are solely her beliefs and do not in anyway represent that of Wisconsin Right to Life.