Pro-Life Wisconsin Joins the Wisconsin Catholic Youth Rally

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This past weekend, Pro-Life Wisconsin joined the Wisconsin Catholic Youth Rally where over 1,100 middle and high school teens from across the state entered into a deeper relationship with God. The event was an excellent opportunity for us to communicate the pro-life message to many young people. The best part was seeing the students’ reactions to holding and looking at the preborn baby models that show each stage of development in the womb. Teens were amazed to hear that a preborn baby’s heartbeat begins at about 3 weeks! Many of them were appalled to hear that abortion is legal in our state up to 22 weeks.
While Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups are spreading lies about human dignity at such a young age at schools and community events, Pro-Life Wisconsin is sharing the truth! Our young people are desperately searching for the truth about their identity and dignity. We need to be always ready to share with them that they are beautiful children of God. We must always speak the truth that every life, no matter what stage of development, has inherent dignity and worth. Our human dignity is not circumstantial!
If you are in need of any pro-life resources or would like Pro-Life Wisconsin to visit your local school, church, or community, please email We are here to serve!