Prostasiewicz Wants To Impose ‘Her Values’, NOT Follow Wisconsin’s Constitution & Laws, If Elected To Wisconsin’s Supreme Court

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Janet Prostasiewicz doesn’t plan to follow Wisconsin/s Constitution and Laws if she is elected to Wisconsin’s Supreme Court.   Prostasiewicz wants to impose her personal values on everyone in Wisconsin, and use them to legislate from the bench to make new law or change the laws that don’t meet ‘her values’.  How do you know?

Prostasiewicz says she will come to the court with her own values, stating: “You bring your values to the court every day,” and You bring your values, values like your belief in democracy, which kind of leads me in the way that I philosophically think about gerrymandering and the maps.  Philosophically, values leading me to believe that a woman’s right to make decisions over her own body should be just that, not made by the government but made by the person who’s ultimately being affected by them.  I think on some of those hot-button issues, I can certainly tell you what my values are.”

Notice that none of Prostasiewicz’s comments above come from a basis in law.  She hasn’t stated that Wisconsin’s Supreme Court was mistaken in how it applied the law, she hasn’t cited statutes that she claims were not followed.  Instead, she talks from her personal values, and she’s called the members of the court “right-wing extremists”, and said “right-wing partisans hijacked” Wisconsin’s Supreme Court.

By Prostasiewicz’s criticism of the Wisconsin Supreme Court as “right-wing”, Prostasiewicz makes it clear she looks at the Court through her own far-left progressive lens.  This is evident by her own remarks, as well as from the endorsements Prostasiewicz has welcomed from far-left liberals.

Wisconsin’s Supreme Court does not propose nor enact law, nor interpret the meaning of law, instead it is responsible for insuring that Wisconsin Law is being followed as written by Wisconsin’s elected Legislature.  Per the Court’s own website, the primary function of the Wisconsin Supreme Court is to “ensure independent, open, fair and efficient resolution of disputes in accordance with the Federal and State of Wisconsin constitutions and laws”.

The personal values of a Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice should never see the light of day in a Supreme Court case, only Wisconsin’s Constitution and Law should apply…..but Prostasiewicz’s remarks make it clear she will render judgments based on ‘her values’There is nothing open and fair about Prostasiewicz, her words make it clear that her far-left progressive mind is already made up.

No doubt you’ve heard the saying “if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck”Well, replace the word ‘duck’ with ‘far-left progressive liberal’ and it describes Janet Prostasiewicz.

Janet Prostasiewicz IS PARTISAN.  Janet Prostasiewicz IS A FAR-LEFT PROGRESSIVE.  Janet Prostasiewicz welcomes endorsements by those on the progressive liberal far-left who wouldn’t endorse her unless they are confident Prostasiewicz will judge Wisconsin Supreme court cases based on shared far-left progressive values, ‘her values’.

If Janet Prostasiewicz doesn’t like or doesn’t agree with Wisconsin’s Constitution and Laws as written, if Prostasiewicz doesn’t agree with the laws enacted by Wisconsin’s Legislature, don’t be surprised that she  rule in cases based on ‘her values’, ignoring Wisconsin’s values and applying her liberal activist philosophy to legislate from the bench.

Vote, and get out the vote, on February 21st

 Case your primary vote on February 21st for DAN KELLY OR JENNIFER DOROW.

 Keep both JANET PRONTASIEWICZ and EVERETT MITCHELL off of the WI Supreme Court.