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Putin’s war on Ukraine is proving much more deadly for Russia than its ten-year war in Afghanistan.  While fighting in Afghanistan, the Soviet Union lost over 50,000 soldiers.  The Ukrainian representative to the UN revealed that in the first five days of the attack on Ukraine, about 5,000 Russian soldiers had died.

Because things are not going as expected, Putin has put his nuclear forces on high alert.  Putin is greedy and crazy.  He wants to take Ukraine to get its natural resources to exploit so that he and his greedy friends can fill their bank accounts with money.  Putin does not care about Ukrainian lives, Russian lives, or anyone but himself and his greedy allies.

Many Russians are protesting the war even though it means going to jail.  The Russian people must rise up and put an end to Putin in order to put an end to this war.  If they do not, eventually the Ukrainians will decide to expand the battlefields into Russia so that Russians get a taste of the misery and pain of Putin’s war against Ukraine.  The Ukrainians will target roads, railroads, power lines, oil and gas lines, military bases, airports, and The Kremlin.  Because civilian areas of Ukraine were targeted by Russia, Ukrainians will attack Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, and other cities.  If Belarus joins Russia in the attack on Ukraine, Minsk will become a target.

The only ones who can stop the counter attacks on Russia are the Russians.  They must depose and punish Putin and his allies quickly.

Woodrow Wilcox