School Shootings: IT’S THE DRUGS – NOT THE GUNS!

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Another mass shooting happened. This time, in Uvalde, Texas. The mainstream media and some politicians are blaming guns. But drugs are the problem – not guns.
In 1975, my grandfather was murdered by a man who took FDA approved anti-depressant drugs. I was the only grandchild who saw and smelled the bloody scene of my grandfather’s death. So, I know the pain that such shootings cause.
Semi-automatic rifles and pistols have existed since at least World War Two. Millions of Americans owned and used such weapons. But I don’t remember any mass shootings until the Columbine school shooting in 1995. Now, such events happen more frequently. Why? The FDA approved anti-depressant drugs that induce homicidal and suicidal thoughts.
The news media is not mentioning this in stories of these shootings because the drug making companies spend so much money on advertising in the media. The media do not want to bite the hand that feeds it so much advertising money – millions of dollars. The media ignore the fact that there is plenty of evidence that drugs are causing some people to become very dangerous. A few years ago, I read about a woman who took FDA approved anti-depressant drugs and then drowned her children in a bathtub.
It is the drugs that are causing the problem. The FDA is responsible for unleashing dangerous anti-depressant drugs into our society. The FDA and the drug manufacturers should be investigated and stopped from allowing drug companies to profit from those drugs. The FDA and the drug making companies should be held financially responsible for these mass shooting deaths.
Woodrow Wilcox
Dyer, Indian