Sen. Steve Nass Report: Covid-19 in Wisconsin as of September 2

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By Senator Steve Nass

Covid-19 in Wisconsin – As of September 2, 2020

I want to share additional information on the disease in our state and the 11th State Senate District.

Testing Capacity

Currently, we have a statewide testing capacity of 26,621 samples daily with 86 labs already in service according to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS).  Our total capacity is set to increase again very soon with the news that 25 more labs are preparing to join the system.


Covid-19 Statewide Summary

A total of 1,268,677 people have been tested for Covid-19 in Wisconsin since March with 1,191,548 tests coming back negative and 77,129 people testing positive.  A total of 5,916 people have been hospitalized due to Covid-19 since March with 287 people currently hospitalized statewide as of September 7, 2020.  Our daily hospitalization high of 432 people occurred in April and has steadily declined since that time.  On a daily basis, Wisconsin hospitals have about 11,500 beds available for patients on a statewide basis and can add an additional 1,500 beds for overflow purposes, if necessary.


Positive Cases by Age Groups

Since early June, we have seen a shift in positive cases among age groups with the most cases (25%) now coming from individuals in the 20-29 age category in Wisconsin.  The second most cases (17%) is from the 30-39 age category.  The trend in age groups has been consistent now for three months.  Covid-19 is doing what a new virus does, it is steadily spreading through the population and the science proves that government mandates won’t stop it.  Shutdowns, mask mandates and other excessive public health orders will, at best, delay the inevitable in terms of the virus’ progress.  However, the excessive government interference in our society will dramatically prolong the personal and economic suffering for the citizens of Wisconsin.


Covid-19 Hospitalization

Of the 77,129 people in Wisconsin that have tested positive for Covid-19 only 5,916 (8% of positive tests) have been hospitalized at some point since March 2020.  The good news is that the data is showing the percentage of people being hospitalized as a result of Covid-19 is declining.  In early July, the rate of hospitalization to positive cases was 11% and now in early September that rate has dropped to 8% of positive cases.


Covid-19 and the 11th Senate District

The 11th State Senate District includes all of Walworth County, the southern-half of Jefferson County, the eastern third of Rock County, the southwestern corner of Waukesha County, one township in Kenosha County and a small area of southwestern Racine County.

As of September 2, 2020, the following are some of the data points relating to Covid-19 in the counties that are a part of the 11th Senate District (since March 2020):

County Population # of Positive Tests # of Negative Tests Deaths
Jefferson 84,579 932 16,035 6
Kenosha 170,071 2,991 33,367 64
Racine 196,487 4,049 55,240 91
Rock 160,444 1,718 29,908 26
Walworth 104,062 1,726 20,170 31
Waukesha 405,991 5,650 69,172 75


The people of Wisconsin are dealing with a virus that is with us permanently and will be a significant factor in our daily lives through at least 2021.  There is only a slim chance of a vaccine being discovered that fully prevents Covid-19 infections in humans.  There is a greater probability of a vaccine(s) being developed that provides some benefits of immunity and lessening symptoms, but even this possibility is relatively low when looking at the efforts in developing a vaccine to fight other corona viruses.

I am confident the people of Wisconsin can make reasonable decisions for themselves in adapting to the risks presented by a virus that is with us permanently.  The overwhelming majority of businesses in Wisconsin have been operating prudently and voluntarily implementing appropriate safety measures.

I believe government officials should focus on cooperative approaches with the public and refrain from excessive government mandates certain to create further suffering for the citizens of Wisconsin.