Senator Dale Kooyenga endorses Bonnie Lee for the 14th Assembly District

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Senator Dale Kooyenga has endorsed Bonnie Lee who is running in the Republican Primary in the 14th Assembly District, a district Kooyenga represented from 2011-2019.

Bonnie Lee is a conservative who resides in Wauwatosa. She has never sought political office prior to her run for the 14th district.

In his endorsement of Lee, Sen. Kooyenga says, “Elected leaders should approach the office with the heart of a servant. Bonnie has embodied this characteristic as a mother, active member of the community, her church, and in her charitable work overseas. She’s a listener and a doer. For these reasons she’ll have my full support.”

Lee has also received endorsements from Senator Alberta Darling, former Lieutenant Governor Margaret Farrow, and Wisconsin Right to Life.

The seat flipped to a far-left Democrat, Robyn Vining, in the 2018 mid-term election. Conservatives are rallying around Bonnie Lee because they see her as the best candidate to take on Robyn Vining in November. First, Lee has to win the Republican Primary held on August 11.

From all we have seen, Lee is the only candidate who has the resources and the ground game to take on the far-left Vining. Republicans are counting on having a candidate win the Primary come August and that can win in November. Lee is the person who can win.

One of Lee’s opponent in the Republican Primary, Linda Boucher, signed the Walker recall petition. Many conservatives simply refuse to support anyone who supported recalling then Governor Scott Walker.

Lee was a strong supporter of Gov. Walker throughout his tenure as Governor, and County Executive in Milwaukee County.

Lee is running on reducing the property tax burden on homeowners, more choices and access to healthcare, demanding more academic accountability from our schools, improving the job environment in our state post-COVID, among other priorities she mentions on her website.

You can view Bonnie Lee’s announcement video here:


Bob Dohnal is the founder and publisher of the Wisconsin Conservative Digest