Senator Nass Supports Efforts by Wisconsin Parents and Students to End Mask Mandates

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Families must fight to take back their public schools.

Senator Steve Nass (R-Whitewater) issued the following statement today in support of students and parents fighting to end mandatory mask policies in school districts across the state.  Locally, Senator Nass was moved by the efforts of students and parents in the Lake Mills School District including student protesters that refused to wear masks in classes today:

“I publicly lend my support to the efforts of students and parents to end mandatory face mask policies for school children.  Many school districts in Wisconsin and around the country are ending mandatory face mask policies in favor of optional policies for students, staff and the public when on school grounds (indoors or outdoors).

 Mandatory mask policies by school districts are no longer about the science, the data or even reality.  These mandatory policies are now reflective of the politics of Covid-19 and in many instances for certain school officials their desire for control/compliance, not public health.

 I commend the students, parents and community members around the state for fighting to end the mandatory masking policies in your schools.  It is incumbent upon every citizen to fight for common sense and the full restoration of our liberties at every level of government, especially our public schools.

 I stand mask-less and shoulder-to-shoulder with the brave students fighting against the excessive mandates of out-of-touch school officials.”