Sheboygan County Republican Party Pass Resolution Demanding Resignation of Robin Vos as Assembly Speaker

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On February 5, the Sheboygan County GOP passed a resolution calling for Speaker Robin Vos to resign. Mark Belling covered the resolution in a statement on his website. So far, 6 Republican Party units have called for Speaker Vos resignation. See Mark Belling’s analysis, and the entire resolution, below.

Mark Belling’s Analysis on Sheboygan Resolution calling for Robin Vos to resign:

Shortly before the Sheboygan County Republican Party caucus voted overwhelmingly to demand the resignation of GOP State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, the GOP State Senate Leader bugged out of the meeting to avoid having to vote.

Devin LeMahieu, the Senate Majority Leader, is essentially Vos’ counterpart in the Senate. Had he stayed and voted, he would have been forced to either a) demand the ouster of the state’s other GOP legislative leader, or b) blow off the wishes of virtually every leading member of his own party in his home county. I am told the only person in the entire caucus meeting who opposed the resolution criticizing Vos was State Rep. Terry Katsma of Sheboygan County. The other GOP Assembly member from the county, Rep. Tyler Vorpagel, also bailed out of the meeting before the vote, claiming, according to sources, he had to go to a basketball game. Vorpagel has not responded to a weeks’ worth of phone messages from me.

The state Republican Party, in a crucial election year, is facing a schism. Legislative leaders and top party officials are blowing off the vast majority of active party members who are appalled at violations of state election law in 2020. There is also animosity over the legislature’s non-opposition to Gov. Tony Evers’ Covid mandates and inaction on the violent crime crisis.

This has led many GOP county organizations to pass resolutions condemning the Assembly leader, Vos. The issue obviously isn’t going away. Now, members of the other legislative chamber, LeMahieu’s state senate, are going to be forced to decide if they are aligning themselves with Vos or with the party’s most active members and volunteers.

This issue is not going away.

Sheboygan County Resolution

Whereas, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has refused to cooperate with Representative Janel Brandtjen, Chair of the Campaigns & Elections Committee and the Vice-Chair of the Committee on Government Accountability & Oversight, in her efforts to investigate election fraud, including his refusal to sign subpoenas issued by her or allow her the rightful oversight role of the investigation led by former Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman and

Whereas, each State Representative is provided with staff to serve the people of their respective legislative district and

Whereas, Representative Ramthun was elected to serve the people of the 59th District and

Whereas, Speaker Vos removed the only full-time staff member of Representative Ramthun after Representative Ramthun unveiled the truth of Speaker Vos’s support of drop boxes for the 2020 election and

Whereas, this removal makes it impossible for Representative Ramthun to effectively serve and assist those who elected him and

Whereas, this removal is an immoral, vindictive step, one that punishes open discourse on controversial issues and has no place in the actions of a leader and

Whereas, this removal sends a clear message to all other State Representatives that Speaker Vos will punish them for speaking the truth if it damages his reputation and

Whereas, the support of drop boxes is antithetical to election integrity, encourages voter fraud, and results in a distrust of election outcomes by the large majority of Wisconsin voters and

Whereas, Attorney Misha Tseytlin wrote on behalf of Speaker Vos regarding drop boxes; “We wholeheartedly support voters’ use of any of these convenient, secure, and expressly authorized absentee-ballot-return methods” and

Whereas, Speaker Vos and Senator Fitzgerald signed off on drop boxes without a full vote of the legislature and

Whereas, Republican State Senator Kathy Bernier is writing legislation to legalize drop boxes, and, when questioned, Speaker Vos has refused to answer questions if he supports drop boxes or not.

Resolved, we, the Republican Party of Sheboygan County, in caucus gathered on February 5, 2022,

1.Condemn Representative Vos’s actions:

a. Removing Representative Ramthun’s staff
b. Undermining Representative Brandtjen as Chair of the Campaigns & Elections Committee and the Vice-Chair of the Committee on Government Accountability & Oversight
c. The slow-walking any meaningful investigation of the 2020 election.

2.Demand a vote of no confidence be taken by the Assembly and a new Speaker be elected immediately and/or demand Speaker Vos resign from his role as Assembly Speaker.

  1. We fully support Representative Ramthun’s 2021 Assembly Joint Resolution 120