Silly Kleefisch: Dumbest Smear Job in Wisconsin History

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A new Rebecca Kleefisch ad smears Tim Michels by claiming he supports gas taxes: Baloney!!!!!!

We have known Tim since 2004, worked closely with him. He has been a person who has spoken at our events at the Wisconsin Conservative Digest. Not only does he not support a gas tax increase, but he does not support any new taxes.

This SMEAR is plain idiotic.

All of us know that we need more money in the road budget cause of electric, hybrid, and fuel efficient cars since all of us benefit from roads it must come from the general fund which is at a surplus.

I recently bought a Pink 1957 T Bird. I found that driving in Milwaukee with all the potholes will destroy it.

Kleefisch claims that in winning road/sewers contract by providing low bids that Tim Michels and his company Michels Corp are only interested in himself.

No- he is producing great services for Wisconsin by being low bidder and saving taxpayers money which is something Kleefisch says she supports.

Since 2014, Rebecca and her husband have been on the government take for millions in salaries, Bennies, mileage, per diem. So who is interested themselves?

Kleefisch needs another government job? What has she ever done to make Wisconsin better or run anything? Has she ever has an original idea?

Everyone knows that Rebecca will just be the tool of Robin Vos and Scott Jensen whose popularity is around 15%. We want a fresh voice, mind and organizer, that will solve the myriad problems, left unsolved, since Tommy Thompson left office in 2000.

Tim Michels responded to Kleefisch false and negative attack ads.

Go get them; Tim.

Your friend- Bob Dohnal.