Steve Nass: No More COVID Bills without expanded school choice or tax cuts for families

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The Wisconsin Conservative Digest has reported on the efforts of conservative State Senator Steve Nass, who has taken a principled stance against Gov. Evers, Speaker Robin Vos, and former Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald. Nass has consistently opposed the efforts to peel away our liberties under the disguise of a “pandemic.” He has called for firing DHS Secretary-designee Andrea Palm, overturning Evers mask-mandate, opposed shutting down our schools and businesses. He’s even gone after the “leaders” of his own party. 

Today, as negotiations for additional COVID bills are being discussed, Senator Steve Nass issued the following statement regarding the ongoing discussions between Governor Tony Evers and Republican legislative leaders relating to the development of Covid-19 recovery legislation:

“As we enter 2021, there will be a need for additional state legislation relating to our
Covid-19 recovery efforts. The people of Wisconsin have learned to live with Covid-19
and apply common sense voluntary safety protocols. Unfortunately, the state government’s
ability to operate effectively under the leadership of Governor Evers and DHS
Secretary-Designee Andrea Palm is a disaster.

Governor Evers has yet to come forward with a date for the reopening of state government buildings and a return of most state employees to their facilities. Secretary-Designee Palm has failed to develop an effective plan to move Wisconsin forward into the recovery phase in 2021. The Evers administration and far too many local public health bureaucrats are still focused on abusing their powers to shut things down and lock people in their homes rather than working with the public to seek a realistic plan to move our state forward.

I have made my Senate leadership aware of the provisions that must be in a bill to gain
my support:

-Reopen state government.
-Prioritize K-12 state funding to schools providing in-person classes for
students at all grade levels.
-Require districts that have been mostly virtual since September 2020 to
compensate parents.
-Empower parents over teachers unions by dramatically expanding all school
choice programs for both public and private K-12 schools.
-Prohibit the excessive powers of both state and local public health bureaucrats
to control every aspect of our daily lives.”

We thank Senator Steve Nass for taking a principled, conservative stance. At the Wisconsin Conservative Digest, we engage with the conservative base on a daily basis. There is often a disconnect between those who serve in Madison and where the base is on issues. Steve Nass regularly engages with conservatives in his district and around the state. The issues he has outlined in his press release are the very things we have heard from conservatives during the COVID-era.

The unions, the left, and progressive local government officials have further destroyed our K-12 public schools. Parents need school choice and leave the public schools. The unions have too much power and they don’t care about the quality or safety of our schools. Giving parents more choice in their education is a step in the right direction and we applaud Senator Nass for fighting for parents and going to his caucus with his demands.

Call Senator Nass at (608) 266-2635 and thank him for fighting for us. Do not forget to call your lawmakers at 608-266-9960 and let them know your thoughts on reopening our schools, public buildings, expanding school choice, and making school districts reimburse families for closing down schools.