The feedback from the grassroots about the Wisconsin GOP is horrible

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One thing I continually heard during the campaign from the Trump Victory canvassers is that the voters love Trump but hate the GOP.  If that is not fixed, we will have a bad future and will continue to lose elections. Trump voters will stay home if they aren’t motivated.

Last fall the public gave leaders of the Legislature bad marks but still elected them. Why?

They might like their Congressmen and their local legislators, but overall they have bad vibes coming from the base. The Wisconsin Republican Legislature will not be so lucky going forward.

Many people remark that there are huge problems going unsolved:

  1.  Kids in K-12 school districts cannot read.
  2.  Fix the damn roads
  3.  Drug abuse overdoses exploding
  4.  Crime in Metro areas exploding
  5.  Legislators like Rep. Scott Allen (Waukesha) are exposing that the education groups and teachers unions that have pushed local schools into indoctrinating the kids into left-wing nut case programs, going out of school to protest left-wing causes, taking up the money needed for STEM, math, English, reading, and etc.
  6. Several people have remarked to me about the very bad idea of having attorneys from one law firm assigned to our most powerful full GOP party positions.
  7.  We have failed to correct the mess in Milwaukee of crime, carjacking, drugs, shooting, murder at record pace.
  8.  Human and Sex trafficking
  9. Common core in school has given us the worst math grades in History, yet the left embraces it.
  10.  Sanctuary city encourages the worst people in the hemisphere to come here AKA MS13
  11. From the first day the anti-job rhetoric of Evers and the left-wing nuts has chased away jobs, now over 100,000 in just one year.

Foxconn which could have made us the Midwest center of TECH has been destroyed by Bruce Murphy and the nuts at Urban Milwaukee, the Journal, left, and Evers/Kaul.

  1. Our property taxes are exploding. Mines has gone from $600 in 1970 to $8000 currently.
  2.  We must have freedom of speech in the UW system. Who the hell do they think they are beating up on conservatives when Wisconsin is half conservative.
  3.  Very bad, lousy election system and a lot of FRAUD. Look to Gov. DeSantis of Florida.

Even though the GOP controlled all levels of government for 8 years, there is little to show for it. Outstate Wisconsin, above Portage, thinks everyone in Mad City is crooked, nuts and/or corrupt. They believe that the Governor and the Legislature are bought and paid for by big money for campaigns.

The leaders state the GOP failed to realize that campaigns are not: send out letters, run some ads, send out mailers, then more ads, and then do robocalls. Those tactics help consultants but do not win elections.

Most of the organizers of the Trump campaign were rookies who never ran big-time campaigns and it showed.  They showered money on printing, TV, and their buddies while failing to match the left, in the Milwaukee metro area, and on the ground. They have failed the last 30 years to organize the Hispanics and inner-city areas and get more votes.

The left forms paid teams, and sends them into areas like Ozaukee, Waukesha, Washington, some Fox Valley areas with lots of college women, and killed us.

Our teams sit in the office, reading polls. It is incredibly stupid and incomprehensible that they blew this election while spending $100 million or so.

Hope many of you that are running for office would hire that team?

Incredibly the Wisconsin GOP lost $2.5 million to a hacker, screwed up the fraud election, and never solved the problems with our elections.

It is going to be very hard for these people to raise money. The year Karl Rove raised 300 million for races, and never won one, he never raised that amount of money again.

We gave the GOP and the Trump team a clear path to victory and instead they buried the metro area with money, postcards and TV and never moved the numbers.

Stupidity like that is really unique.

The GOP started late, after the loss of Walker, for no good reason, when they needed to get out recruiting volunteers.

No excuse for that stupidity.

The state board of the GOP has some good people, but a majority are losers, that have little political intelligence and it shows.

We won our congressional seats because they ran hard and worked their base, grassroots.

Trump team did very little in Milwaukee county as their outfit had few people to do any hard work.

Studies have shown that those volunteer postcards work well if handed out by people, but this state is only one of four that does not want to pay people while some of their buddies stuff millions in their pockets. Instead, they send them by mail well after people have voted, and they are not even good at the outhouse.

Waukesha County GOP built an army with them.

We have laid out a plan incorporating the best of all the theories of campaigning from the left the unions and Past experiences, and it is drastically different than the losing campaigns run by this bunch of GOP losers.

It will work to elect the next Governor and teach these pricks in Madison how it is done.

But if he/she picks the people that have run the last eleven we will lose to Josh Kaul, easily.

The GOP group in Madison can only win when there is a red wave. That’s how Walker won.

Conservative activist- before you send money to the people that have run the last 11 losing campaigns, make sure you give it to people that know what they are doing.  They have run 11 losers in a row you better ask them and their cohorts that have screwed up bad why you should give them more money.

Campaigns in Wisconsin are won on the ground, going to the people, not with hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign mailers and tv ads enriching a few power-hungry consultants.

Wake up and smell the rose of winning with hard work.

In 1968 I gave, from Tosa, a check for $10,000 from our brat burn to Knowles, and he was incredulous.  It was almost 10% of his whole $125,000 budget. Tommy Thompson won in 1986 cause we worked hard on the ground. Milwaukee had a real good group of 10,000 members.

Tommy spent less than a million in 1986. Money does not win elections, hard work does.

In Wisconsin, the Dems outworked us, outspent us, out-organized us, out harvest ballots, and outsmarted us. All the time, the GOP spends hundreds of millions of dollars and still loses.

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