The left sends in killers, the right sends in public servants

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Republicans/Conservatives: If you are not interested in joining us conservatives in the fight for election integrity, and making sure the law was followed as it relates to this election, please do us all a favor by not throwing us under the bus in the media, or via your influence.

The left uses people like Illinois Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger and Senator Mitt Romney. They go to the Washington (Com) Post and other liberal newspapers and networks to throw their own side under the bus. And does so because they felt “empowered.”

Here’s a tip for those who feel empowered to concede ground to the left: just shut up!

How often do you see the left doing this to their side? Never! They stick together.

The left understands one thing: power. In Wisconsin- the Democrats appoint far-left people like Scot Ross to the Ethics Commission, a man whose words and actions make Trump look like Mother Theresa. They appoint the white AOC and a former policy director for Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, Chris Taylor, as an “impartial” judge in Madison with the intention of running her for the Supreme Court in the future.

We appoint public servants who don’t want bad headlines in a media that already hates them. The Dems appoint trained killers. It’s why we get the Wisconsin Election Commission which is split 3-3 Democrat and Republican. As you can imagine, the three Dems stick together and a couple of our Republicans fold. Wisconsin Republicans created the WEC and Ethics Commission when we got rid of the corrupt Government Accountability Board. We were in the majority and instead of making the commission majority Republican we decided to be fair to the Democrats, a side that would never be fair to us. And we had a Republican majority and Governor. What did us conservatives get out of the Wisconsin Election Commission? We’ve seen over 200,000 ineligible voters remain on the voter rolls, the Green Party kicked off the ballot, Kayne West unfairly kicked off the ballot, lack of enforcement of our voting laws, and guidance from the commission to voters telling who aren’t indefinitely confined that they can register as indefinitely confined to make it easier to get around checks to protect the vote.

In short, we control the government and still get screwed. The left is willing to take advantage of our incompetence and our inability to fight back.

You have to respect the left ability to be totally out of power but still greases the wheels of government and pushes around Republicans.

We did not get a peaceful transfer of power in 2016 when it was clear Trump won. We got four years of an entirely phony Russia story- none of which came to be true. The left set the rules and now doesn’t want to play by them.

The new right gets it, we are no longer playing by those rules where the left follows one standards and we follow another standard. We are now playing in their sandbox and it’s dirty. We have to ballot harvest like the left does. The Legislature needs to get rid of mail-in ballots, remove all exemptions to get around voter ID, standardize voting days and times among all municipalities, go to all paper ballots as they come in as they do in Florida.

The left can’t steal, then asks for us to heal. For the new right, it’s not going to work that way. However, the left can count on Republicans like Mitt Romney, Adam Kinzinger, who enjoy being pleasant to its enemies.