The Left’s racist attack on Amy Coney Barrett’s adopted children is a new low

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Today I saw a full attack on Justice Barrett and I can’t stay silent. I am fully aware of how appointments and nominations work in politics, a candidate gets nominated and the other side begins the attack; all parties are guilty of this “vetting”. However, this is not an attack on her abilities as a judge or a scandal she was part of, it is an attack on her children, her adopted children. The angry blue has stooped so low as to question her motive for adopting her two black children from Haiti.

Let me tell you something about adoption and caring for children that you didn’t grow in your own belly;
1. To raise questions about the race of the child and the parent is, in itself, racist. Period! It would be a racist crime to see a child in need and turn them away and deny them care because their race is different than your own, but that is what the left is suggesting.

2. You can ask me, or any foster/adoptive family I know, about their child’s circumstances and not a single one will tell you. It’s not your business. Ever! That story belongs to the child and you are not entitled to it so that you can assess anyone’s motives. Imagine your parents opening up about the most intimate and painful times of your life and letting everyone view it and hold opinions about your life. These children are human beings with their own stories and are entitled to their privacy, their freedom and to share it on their time with their consent, which is their choice, they may or may not ever choose share.

3. We are ALL CALLED TO LOVE AND CARE FOR ORPHANS. This does not mean all people are called to adopt. It means that all people are called to support and pray for foster and adoptive families. Justice Barrett and her family, like many adoptive and foster families, live their life according to biblical values. Not only did she hear the call to adopt through her Bible, she saw the need right in front of her. Her motives are very clear.

4. If you are someone who feels they are owed an explanation, contact me personally. I’d be happy to have a compassionate information session explaining how it is not your business.

When our family took the leap of faith into becoming a foster family, that decision was somewhat easy because the idea of fostering children is beautiful. Now, having lived this life, I can fully attest to the trials and challenges it entails. It is one of the hardest things we continue to do because we have been called by the same God that has called Justice Barrett to love fiercely and walk this difficult road. Anyone who adopts or fosters sees the world differently. We see the pain, suffering and struggle in this world as it has walked right through our front door in the form of an innocent child we bravely choose to love. It is hard, but every child is worth it.

We can all choose who we will vote for, that is an essential part of living in the greatest country in the world. If you dislike a candidate or do not agree with their policies, bring it to the polls. Regardless of which party you will “check the box” for, we are all part of one race, the human race. When we begin to lose sight of that we are doomed no matter which officials have been elected to office.

It is time Americans vote like they care about the future of our country. For far too long, Americans have been casting votes like they are voting for prom Queen. What are the candidates policies? What have they done since being in office? These are questions we need to be asking ourselves. If your vote is based on the candidates hair color, favorite football team, the color of the children they’ve adopted, or anything that has nothing related to their job performance you are part of the problem. We will never see the change we want to see in this country because we don’t have enough informed voters.

I urge you to turn off CNN and Fox News and go to the source. Do your own independent research, read the actual policies, do not rely on the interpretations of others. For the love of God, don’t question a mother’s love for her children whether she grew them or not, they are her children.


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Jacqueline is a Pro-Life advocate, foster parent, wife and mother of five. Former Executive Director of a local crisis pregnancy center, Jackie currently works for Wisconsin Right to Life promoting life saving options for women and families facing crisis situations. Believing that every single life has value, from conception to natural death, is the foundation of her values and her career choices. All comments, articles and any opinions expressed by Jacqueline are solely her beliefs and do not in anyway represent that of Wisconsin Right to Life.