The silent majority is silent no more and is making a difference.

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It’s time to stop making excuses and get to work! Some of us have proven that we have to act in order to change things.

One thing that being being an American has taught us, elected officials are not beyond contestation. When those who represent us abuse their office and ignore the will of the people they represent, the people have the final say. But, only if they actually take action.

By now, most of you have heard that extremist Wauwatosa Alderman, Heather Kuhl, has resigned her position. I am all but certain that his is from intense pressure from Wauwatosa residents and conservative media who have had enough of her ‘agenda’.

While I would love to think that my article from a few days ago in the Conservative Digest was the sole reason she finally stepped down, I know it was many individual facets working hard to show her hypocrisy and her growing disapproval.

Pressure was high against Kuhl since she started her term. I know several Tosa Residents who would contact her and challenge her, but she was always  totally defiant and was determined to stay on her extremist course.

Until recently.

Several weeks ago, a mystery person named R.J. Howard started a petition on calling for her to step down. While this was mostly symbolic, the petition got over 2,800 signatures. This was no small feat and was showing the growing disapproval with Kuhl.

This was simply casting the line.

Then last week Newstalk 1130 radio hosts Dan O’Donnell and Mark Belling broke the story about her using an alias on Twitter to spew her left wing hate against anyone who disagreed with her twisted view of the world.

This was the hook and began to reel her in.

Finally, I published my article on Wednesday regarding her ‘hate has no home here’ campaign, while at the same time spewing total hate. I bluntly called for her to step down.

Finally, into the frying pan and she was left with no choice but to resign.

I am not saying this to gloat, but to show that it is possible to effect change. A simple resident took the time to build the petition online. Other people made the effort to get the Twitter information to O’Donnell and Belling. Finally, me, a resident of Tosa myself, making the effort to put myself out there and write an article to publically challenge our rogue alderman.

While the right has been playing ‘nice’, the left has taken over large chunks of local and state government. Right now in many cities throughout the state are almost all controlled by leftist activists.

Yes, the left has done an efficient job of getting their ‘true believers’ into power here in Wauwatosa and throughout the country, but it doesn’t mean they have to be allowed to stay. We have shown that if we mobilize, WE CAN MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE AND EFFECT CHANGE!

Don’t sit and assume Republican Party leaders will do what is actually needed to win in November. In 2016 we won in spite of their inaction, we must do it again! The Left plays hard, it’s time to get out of your ‘safe spaces’ and play even harder.

Remember, it took just four people to finally get a tyrannical activist Alderman to quit. Imagine if we all did something to keep the tyrants from taking even more elected offices. Let’s start by winning in November!

Time to take action!


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