Waukesha Democrats attacks Waukesha GOP for showing a movie they don’t like

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In an op-ed in the Waukesha Freeman, the Waukesha Democratic Party Chair Matt Moreno attacks the Waukesha GOP and its grassroots director Keith Best for showing a film called “Capitol Punishment.” The film was made by a conservative Hollywood producer in response to the mainstream media narrative regarding the events on January 6, 2021. You can read a description of the film here.

The film highlights the story and features Ashli Babbitt who was killed on that January 6 day.

The Waukesha GOP is showing the film on Tuesday, January 18 with doors opening at 6:30pm at its headquarters at 1701 W Pearl St in the City of Waukesha. It’s a free event and there will be complimentary popcorn and other refreshments.

Moreno says in his op-ed, “This film showing is the latest in an ongoing dive into conspiracy theory films shown by the Waukesha County Republicans. Last year they screened “Absolute Proof” a conspiracy theory movie about the Big Lie that the election was stolen. Keith Best a paid staffer for the Waukesha GOP said “Over 80 folks…came away convinced the crime committed was theft of an election.” These theories and the people who support them should stay in the darkest part of the internet
and not running political parties and campaigns

There is nothing surprising about Democrats trying to cancel movies or books they don’t like. This is a long pattern of intimidation by the left to silence and intimidate their enemies.

Has Matt Moreno ever watched the film, Capitol Punishment? He doesn’t say in his op-ed.

In an email invitation to the event, Keith Best, said, “unlike Democrats who tell people what to think, we (Waukesha GOP) provide opportunities for people to form their own opinion….and encourages conservatives to turn out to the showing.”

The Waukesha Democrats should be less concerned with internal GOP events and more concerned on why the Waukesha GOP and WisRed kicking their ass in local elections.