Waupaca GOP organizer and friend of Speaker Vos calls for him to resign

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Linda Cross forward the letter below to the Wisconsin Conservative Digest. Cross sent this letter to the office of Speaker Robin Vos. We are publishing her letter in its own words. Cross is a long-time friend with the Wisconsin Conservative Digest Founder, Bob Dohnal, and is an influential activist in Republican politics, most notably in Waupaca County. 

Dear Speaker Vos:

I am outraged over the fact that you don’t like one of your Republican Assemblymen, Tim
Ramthun, delving deeply into voter integrity/election integrity issues. I am outraged over you defunding his staff Wednesday which harms not only his staff, and family members, but the people Tim represents in district 59.

I have listened to Tim speak on two occasions, including Tuesday night in New London, and I know that his election integrity work is what we Republicans in central Wisconsin have wanted from you, Robin. We are not satisfied with Judge Gableman being required to report only to you as leader.

Frankly, after so many years of knowing you – since the 1990’s- and really liking you, I have come to a point of not trusting you, “any farther than I can throw a bull by the tail.” Your despicable actions Wednesday have proven you to be a PETTY TYRANT–with a Napoleon Complex!

I was not happy with your do-nothing approach last January and declared at our January
Waupaca County GOP caucus that after years of friendship I would no longer support you! This came in discussion of a resolution to withdraw support of you as a leader.

Your Gableman election project came much too late. It should have begun in November, right after our STOLEN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. Gableman’s work has seemed very unorganized and confusing–yielding very little information to us Wisconsin taxpayers.

It is maddening enough to live under the tyranny of Democrats in DC, but it is intolerable and untenable to also be spurned, dismissed, and/or CRUSHED by the tyranny of our own

Why you really don’t want to know election truth is a mystery to me; however, it strongly
suggests hiding SOMETHING! THEREFORE, I call for your immediate resignation as Assembly Speaker. Hand the gavel over to a Republican who will fulfill the WILL of Wisconsin Republicans.

Linda Cross
Waupaca, WI